1. Loophole by Little Snake and Amon Tobin on single ( Brainfeeder) New
  2. Rippin Sandos ft. Thoto Leing by Thriftworks on Tupuxuara (self released) New
  3. Bring Yours by Hartta on 1020 Curated by unperson (1020)
  4. Go Dumb (BITCH I TWERK) by UNIIQU3 ft Addy OMG - on JBDUBZ Vol 7 (Juke Bounce Werk)
  5. Neo-Renaissance Girl - by Jennifer Walton on (Flash On - ( All Centre))
  6. Like Water by Bleep Bloop Ft. Lord Narf on single (self released)
  7. Rainstick Shake - by Vorace on [Bad Start EP - (Tangram Records))
  8. Decajón ft. Prisma & Martin Boder by Dengue Dengue Dengue on Zenit & Nadir (self released)
  9. Estrogen - by DRESPHERE on single (self released)
  10. Feel by Xyla on Ways (Leaving Records)
  11. No Blinking Rhymes by Loraine James on Bits and Bob’s Your Uncle (self released)
  12. SELECCCTTTAAA - by ALEPH on (NEXT HYPE - ( Renraku))
  13. No Hesitation [MØØ2] by Sister Zo – on (New World Disorder WW1) (new world dysorder)
  14. Break
  15. Drum Cardio (feat. DJ Deeon) [quest?onmarc Remix] - by Lima on singe (self released)
  16. YUK by X.WILSON on single (self relaesed)
  17. teknobaile by WULFFLUW XCIV on (Presents 69 Bootlegs Pack - (Chico Sonido ))
  18. Hackney parrot (disaffected bootleg) by tessella on single (self rleased)
  19. Descontrol - by Diego Hauz on (Snax 2) (self released)
  20. tonight by morwell on single (self released)
  21. Matches by Comoc on single (self released)
  22. The Kill - Ft. Niki Randa by Flying Lotus on (Ideas+Drafts+Loops) (self released)
  23. Oh Honey (FootMerc Remix) by Delegation on single (forbidden trax)
  24. Sherm Shotta by Dev79 x Teep on JBDUBZ VOL 7 (Juke Bounce Werk)
  25. true story bro by pleas on single (self relaesed)
  26. Perfect Day by EQ Why on Equalized Records Presents: The Footwork Jungle Collection (Vol.1 & 2) (self released)
  27. NO MANCHES by OSSX on JBDUBZ VOL 7 ( Juke Bounce Werk)
  28. Oh La La by Eric Uh on (Digital Werkz) (self released)
  29. Broken by Halogenix x Alix Perez on single (1985 music)
  30. Gun Crime by Bou on single (self released)
  31. Higher by Holly x Razat on single (self released)
  32. desired state by marc renton on single (self relased)
  33. The Devil You Know by Ajazent on Black Marble Collective (Rave Tools)
  34. distortion by st. costa on cold jungle (self released)
  35. JACK ( DJ FLP RMX ) by BREACH on single (self relaesed)
  36. 4URGH by Spectrasoul on single (self relaesed)
  37. 93 'Til Infinity (Spornberger Bootleg) by Souls of Mischief on single (self released)
  38. Rain (feat. Children Of Zeus) - by Lenzman on (Bobby - (Metalheadz))
  39. Time Tripping by DJ Hazard on single (self relesed)
  40. Kingpin Calyx Teebee Remix by Friction & Skream ft PMoney Scrufizzer Riko Dan on single (self released)
  41. with u by dbridge on single (self released)
  42. Out by 16, Dogs on the Scene by Death Grips Machine Girl - on single (self released)
  43. Underbart (S.P.Y Remix) by Little Dragon on single (self released)
  44. Slanted (BSN Posse RMX) - by Tim Parker on [single - 2020 ( [single - 2020)
  45. palmolive by dj cupnoodlz x AO UZZI on single (self released)
  46. peninsula - by ivy lab (spectra soul remix) on single (2020 ldn)
  47. Lonely Self Reflections (DJ Earl FWK Remix) - by Aakeem Eshú x DJ Earl on (The Black Dobson EP) (self released) New