1. burden by Aleph on single ( self released)
  2. Look2 by Selim X on single (self released) New Local
  3. Be Happy by TEDDMAN on 1138 (self released)
  4. Flava Ft Magugu - by Hypho on (Respek the History - (eatmybeat))
  5. Laugh Trac (ft. DJ Deeon) - by Modern Melodies on (single - (XTC))
  6. London Spoke by Nodnol on cjaw001 ( Circular Jaw)
  7. Better off alone - by RIZ LA TEEF on single (self released)
  8. I Follow River (The Magician Remix) by Lykke Li on single (self reelased)
  9. Better off alone by RIZ LA TEEF on single (self released)
  10. About Time by Tomu DJ on Four Dance Tracks (self released)
  11. BEAT DAT - by DJ DEEON & DJ RAFAEL on (Beat Trax (- XTC))
  12. As Ever Manys by Ase Manual on single (self released)
  13. AM CONTROL by Club Kelly on single (Nervous)
  14. Wavefile_Dayjob by Client_03 on APHA024 - (Astrophonica)
  15. ICE PIRATES (DJ MANNY REMIX) by Modern Melodies on Ice Pirates B/W Brainscan Remixes (XTC)
  16. A Figure of Speech - by Thugwidow on (A Figure of Speech - ( Display))
  17. Take Your Time by Handsome Boys on And The Award Goes To EP (1000Doors)
  18. Cobra by LuBeat on Serial Killer Tunes ( Plan G)
  19. Navigating Through the Assumed - by Ase Manual on single (self released)
  20. Dis Bend of Kali - by Tim Karbon on (Club Drums EP) (self released)
  21. Days by A. Fruit on Your Inner Sun ( Hyperboloid)
  22. Juke-A-Later (DJ Tool) by DJ Swisha on New York Dance Music ( Towhead Recordings)
  23. GO BANGG by DJ DEEON & DJ RAFAEL on Beat Trax (XTC)
  24. Bang Skeet (Hernän RMX) by DJ Clent on single (self released)
  25. Selva by Sonido Berzerk on single (self released)
  26. What You Gotta Say ? (CLUB USE ONLY) by GAGSMILE on single (self released)
  27. Break
  28. Come Back - by DJ Paypal on (Fuck It More Muzik) (self released)
  29. Ass Up (Seekit 160 Vocal Edit) - by Breakage & Dismantle on single (self releassed)
  30. Wait For The Drop - by DieMantle on (single - (GutterFunk))
  31. LOVIN U - by KRUSH JUKE on (Juke Aid: Footmahi for the Bushfires - ( The Big Fresh Collective))
  32. Dream Continuum by Kiddy.Wav on LEVEL UP MY SKILLS (Planetaria Soundsystem)
  33. Little Angel by DJ Paypal on Fuck It More Muzik (self released) New
  34. WORK by INVT X DJ Earl on single (self released)
  35. Break
  36. Claustro (Please VIP) - by Burial on single (self released)
  37. Lion's House - by Neve & Samurai Breaks on (TDR034B - (The Dreamers))
  38. Subject9 by San on single ((Rua Sound))
  39. Break
  40. Vibe (If I Back It Up) (Hyroglifics Refix) by Cookiee Kawaii on single (self released)
  41. Far Away (FootMerc Remix) by - Doc Scott on single (self relased)
  42. Break
  43. Tear U Down by Sideswipe on single (self released)
  44. Poison - by Sully on (Swandive - ( Astrophonica))
  45. Divine - by Jana Rush on (Pariah - (Objects Limited))
  46. Break
  47. Black top Jungle (POLO LILLI Remix) by Tenz on single (Subwork) New
  48. Berry Patch (Halogenix Remix) - by Machinedrum & Holly on (Berry Patch Blended) (self released)
  49. You Can - by TROPHY on (Liminal Space EP - ( Trax Haven))
  50. 15 - 30 by TRAXMAN on single (self released)
  51. Break
  52. Blow Your Whistle (Tha Out Of Here Remixx) by Traxman on single (self released)
  53. Break
  54. Let it Burn 2020 - by DBK on single (self released)