sadderday, #162


  1. Congratulations Matt and Christine by Reggie & The Full Effect on Promotional Copy (Vagrant)
  2. Don't Be So Hard by The Audition on Punk Goes Acoustic 2 (Fearless)
  3. This Invitation Has Meant The World To Me by The New Trust on The New Trust & Friends: Battle To The Death (Self Released)
  4. Road Signs and Rock Songs by The Ataris on End Is Forever (Kung Fu)
  5. My Own Fault by Maria Taylor on Lynn Teeter Flower (Saddle Creek)
  6. Ordinary by Copeland on Ixora Twin (The Vanguard Room)
  7. Till We Have Faces by Noise Ratchet on Till We Have Faces (The Militia Group)
  8. Punisher (Copycat Killer Version) by Phoebe Bridgers, Rob Moose on Copycat Killer (Dead Oceans)
  9. Here (Wish You Were) by Overseas on Overseas (Self Released)
  10. Moral Straightjacket by Farside on The Monroe Doctrine (Revelation)
  11. It's All Highs And Lows by Jejune on Slightest Indication Of Change (Big Wheel Recreation)
  12. Can't Go Home by The Juliana Theory on Can't Go Home (Equal Vision)
  13. Fairytales Tell Tales by Cursive on Burst and Bloom (Saddle Creek)
  14. Either Way by September Stories on You Don't Love It. (September Stories)
  15. Arizona by Pianos Become The Teeth on Keep You (Epitaph)
  16. Honest Eyes by Sleep in. on The Stars on Your Ceiling (Know Hope)
  17. Already Dead by Silverstein on Discovering the Waterfront (Victory)
  18. My Heads Film by Yage on ... And Nobody Told Me To Think About Life In General (Sonzai)
  19. To Our Dead Friends by Respire on To Our Dead Friends (Church Road)
  20. Une Insomnie Avec Qui Tout Le Monde Voudrait Baiser by Celeste on Misanthrope(S) (Denovali)
  21. The Tyrant by Naedr on Past Is Prologue (Middle Man)
  22. We Are Passing by Annakarina on We Are Passing (15421111)
  23. Something Less Than Intended by Portraits Of Past on 01010101 (Ebulition)
  24. I Got Tamed by One for the Team on Ghosts (Afternoon)
  25. The Radio Goodnight by M.I.J. on The Radio Goodnight (Caulfield)
  26. The Barnacle Beach by Settlefish on The Plural of the Choir (Deep Elm)
  27. Convalescence by Trophy Eyes on Mend, Move On (Hopeless)
  28. Hours (draag me Remix) by Tomberlin on Hours (draag me Remix) (Saddle creek)
  29. ESTELLA// by KennyHoopla, Travis Barker on ESTELLA// (Mogul Vision)
  30. Famous Last Words by My Chemical Romance on The Black Parade (Warner)