Cock Rock BBQ #12 (DJ AssPlay Strikes Back)


  1. Liskojen Yo by Helm on Impossible Symmetry (Pan)
  2. American Babylon by Lussuria on American Babylon (Hospital Productions)
  3. When I'm Alone by Rectal Hygienics on Ultimate Purity (Permanent Records)
  4. Pigdaddy by Sutcliffe Jügend on Pigdaddy (Cold Spring)
  5. Tears by Dead Times on Dead Times / TRTRKMMR (Aum War)
  6. Cenote by White Suns on Sinews (Load Records)
  7. Lady Forest by Frankie Cosmos on Separation Anxiety
  8. Break
  9. Lonely Fog by Michael Yonkers on Grimwood (Michael Yonkers)
  10. 記憶は遠い by Les Rallizes Dénudés on Mizutani (Rivista Inc.)
  11. Down In A Mirror by Jandek on Chair Beside A Window (Corwood Industries)
  12. My Shell by Smog on I'm Going To Be Married / My Shell - Astronaut (#1 Hits!)
  13. Jesse by Scott Walker on The Drift (4AD)
  14. Stigmata by Ministry on The Land Of Rape And Honey (Sire)
  15. Humanity Noosed / Equimanthorn by Revenge on Holocaustic Death March to Humanity's Doom (Nuclear War Now!)
  16. Human Flood II by White Guilt on Demo II
  17. Nova Genesis Evangelion by Khalil Nova on Tha Black Layne Staley
  18. Sad Serenade (Bedroom Rock’n’Roll) by Maria Minerva on Tallinn At Dawn (Not Not Fun Records)
  19. I Hope You Wish You'd Die by The Microphones on The Glow, Pt. 2 (Bonus Disc) (K)
  20. This Angry Silence by Television Personalities on And Don't The Kids Just Love It (Rough Trade)
  21. Herpes Simplex by Lizzy Mercier Descloux on Press Color (ZE Records)
  22. Karen Hates The Forest by Hype Williams on Dude Wants Female
  23. I Hate You by The Monks on Black Monk Time (International Polydor Production)