Cock Rock BBQ #11 (Alone Once Again)


  1. Limit Mitigate Counteract Transmute by Alberich on NATO Uniformen (Hospital Productions)
  2. Coronal Mass Ejaculation by Bölzer on Aura (Iron Bonehead Productions)
  3. Your Weakness by Sutcliffe Jügend on This Is The Truth (Ground Fault Recordings)
  4. Maruta by Haus Arafna on Trilogie Des Blutes / Nachblutung (Galakthorrö)
  5. Servin Lean by PeeWee Longway on Running Around The Lobby
  6. Constantly Hating (ft. Birdman) by Young Thug on Barter 6 (Atlantic)
  7. Nothing Out Of Life (Version) / Procession / Reliquary Engulfed In Flames / Christ Mourners I / Christ Mourners II by Dead Times on Dead Times (Aum War)
  8. The Worst Is Yet To Come by Propergol on Renegade (Tesco Organisation)
  9. First Dance Of The Spring by Nicole 12 on First Dance Of The Spring (Freak Animal Records)
  10. The End Complete by Obituary on The End Complete (R/C Records)
  11. Wrath / Corpse Of Life / Silence / Violent Peace by Perdition (Toxic State)
  12. Gift Of Tongues by Glossolalia on Gold In The Throat (Crepúsculo Negro)
  13. All Paths End The Same by Dispirit on 111112
  14. Tec (ft. Tadoe) by Chief Keef on Tec