1. no call list by gladie on raw nerve (Self Released)
  2. Just Like Kids by Hinds on The Prettiest Curse (Mom+Pop)
  3. Lesser of Two by VAGUESS on Directions for Use: (Refry)
  4. Cling Wrap by Smarts on Who Needs Smarts, Anyway? (Anti Fade)
  5. Sweet Machine by Wild Wild Wets on The Machines EP (Self Released)
  6. Falling by Meat Market on MM (Self Released)
  7. Lost Cat by Gal Gun on Critical Hit (Self Released)
  8. Say Things Better by Hobby on Hobby (Hidden Bay)
  9. Half Wave by Groupie on Ephemeral (Handstand)
  10. Parking Lot Puddle by Dweller on Aquarium (Forged Artifacts)
  11. Mine by OHMME on We Human x Eagle Eye (Self Released)
  12. Keepers by Petrov on Flower Bed (Self Aware)
  13. Ghost in the Record Store by The Exbats on Revolution All the Time Plus Size (Self Released)
  14. Sid by Dirty Fences on Hand Picked Melodies (Greenway)
  15. Relentless Noise by Worriers on You or Someone You Know (6131 Records)
  16. Public Bodies by Girl Friday on Androgynous Mary (Hardly Art)
  17. Tanta Coragem by Boogarians on #fefel2020 (OAR)
  18. Never Change Enough by Kelley Stoltz on Never Change Enough (Self Released)
  19. Get Up by Casual Burn on Mean Thing (Handstand)
  20. Curveball by Global Charming on Mediocre, brutal (Subroutine)
  21. Siren Far Away by Chronophage on The Pig Kiss'd (Cleta Patra)
  22. Grab the Day in the Face by Psychic Baos on Pig Sphinx (Let's Pretend)
  23. Ice by Zipper on Dreamer's Gate (Tenth Court)
  24. Are You Sure? by Glitterer on Life Is Not a Lesson (Anti-)
  25. Left Bereft by The Shifters on Left Bereft (Captured Tracks)
  26. Awkward Fuzz by Bellhop on A Long Time Alone 2 (Blow Blood)
  27. Stupid Nothing by The Prissteens on Our Voltage (Girlsville)
  28. Rewind by Raw Honey on Fall 2020 (Z Tapes)
  29. Flesh in a Womb by Frank Eye on No Longer (Empty Cellar)
  30. September by Lucy and the Rats on Got Lucky (Dirty Water Records)
  31. Deliverance by Pool Holograph on Love Touched Time and Time Began to Sweat (Self Released)
  32. The Sadness Will Last Forever by She/Beast on In The Depths of Misery (PNKSLM)
  33. (Let Me Have A) Diamond Heart by Caithlin De Marrais on What Will You Do Then? (Skeletal Lightning)
  34. Sun Roll In by Prim Woes on Sun Dunk EP (Forged Artifacts)
  35. Undone by Lande Hekt on Going to Hell (Get Better)
  36. Saturn Return by No Thank You on Embroidered Foliage (Lame-O)