1. Animal by Kissed By an Animal on Kissed By an Animal (Handstand)
  2. Horse Trotting, the Feet Not Touching the Ground by Knots on Knots (Exploding in Sound)
  3. Medieval Heart by Pool Holograph on Love Touched Time and Time Began to Sweat (Self Released)
  4. Henry by Galore on Galore (Rocks in Your Head)
  5. Thick as Glue by Groupie on Ephemeral (Handstand)
  6. You Can Find Me by Magik Markers on 2020 (Drag City)
  7. Pigment of Your Imagination by King Khan on Opiate Them Asses (Khanniblaism)
  8. Got Nothing For Ya by Gladie on raw nerve (Self Released)
  9. Outta My Mind by Sweet Reaper on Sidekick (Alien Snatch!)
  10. Overdry by Hoorsees on Hoorsees (Howlin' Banana)
  11. Summertime by CASTLEBEAT on Melodrama (Spirit Goth)
  12. O Eros! by The Reno Casinos on O Eros! b/w Roller Gator (Self Released)
  13. Compromised by Public Practice on Gentle Grip (Wharf Cat)
  14. Structure by Blessed on iii (Flemish Eye)
  15. Tungsten by Catbath on Table Scraps (Self Released)
  16. Starwatcher by Javelins on ÆP (Self Released)
  17. Veil of Gauze by Star Party on Demo 2020 (Feel It)
  18. The Mess Is Permanent by Cloud Nothings on The Black Hole Understands (Carpark)
  19. Milk and Blood by War on Women on Wonderful Hell (Bridge Nine)
  20. Loner by DEHD on Flower of Devotion (Fire Talk)
  21. Tick Tock by Latitude on Mystic Hotline (Self Released)
  22. Guacamole by Bee Bee Sea on Day Ripper (Self Released)
  23. Sunlight from Another Life by Billy & Dolly on Five Suns (Self Released)
  24. Encore Un Pas De Côté by URSA on L'Esprit De La Teuf (Future Folklore)
  25. Contact Contamination by Midnite Snaxxx on Contact Contamination EP (Self-Released)
  26. Chelsea by Editrix on Tell Me I'm Bad (Exploding in Sound)
  27. Falling Forward by Sweeping Promises on Hunger for a Way Out (Feel It)
  28. Purity Standard by Casual Burn on Mean Thing (Handstand)
  29. Ooze by Sleeping Bag on Campin' (Self Released)
  30. Boy Division by Lars Finberg on Tinnitus Tonight (Mt. St. Mtn.)
  31. Somewhere by Gum Country on Somewhere (Self Released)
  32. Butch Things by Warm Drag on Butch Things (Six Tonnes De Chair)
  33. Motivation by Erik Nervous on Bugs!! LP (Self Released)
  34. Hands by Lithics on Tower of Age (Trouble in Mind)
  35. Break
  36. No Heaven by Clwb Fuzz (Libertino)