Professional Fans Radio w BAD GUUUUURL BAILEY


  1. KHLHI by Percussions on 2011 - 2014 (Text Records)
  2. The Way I Feel (Recycle Culture's Slow Emotion Reel) by DOSS on The Way I Feel (Acephale)
  3. Schoolgirls by Rangleklods on Schoolgirls Singles (Tambourhinocerous)
  4. Spacer Woman by Charlie (Antibesic)
  5. Light It's Coming Up by Roman Reverse on Loop In Reverse (575516 RecordsDK)
  6. Last Chance To Dance by Ekkah on Last Chance To Dance (Heavenly Records)
  7. Murasaki by Cheetahs on Murasaki EP (Witchita Records)
  8. Begging Please by Samo Sound Boy on Begging Please (Body High)
  9. Feel by Seb Wildblood (Church Records)
  10. I Don't Care by Prince Innocence on Easy Life EP
  11. Dance and Cry by Darkness Falls on Dance and Cry (HFM Music)
  12. Sparrow by Eskimeau (Double Double Whammy)
  13. Much Much More by Vinnie Who on Harmony (Fake Diamond Records)
  14. Older Pictures by Plush on Pine
  15. Haunted By You by Future Islands on The Chase EP (4AD)
  16. Break
  17. One Fall by Addison Groove on Presents James Grieve (50WEAPONS)
  18. You've Got Me Where I Want You by Vondelpark
  19. Berline - Clara Moto Remix by Darling Farah on Berline (Civil Music)
  20. Space Race (Ellie Herring Remix) by Dot