1. Afrikaner Barista by Beauty Pill on Describes Things As They Are (Butterscotch)
  2. Exodus Damage by John Vanderslice on Pixel Revolt (Barsuk)
  3. Any Place I've Lived by Lilys on A Brief History of Amazing Letdowns (SpinART)
  4. Slammer by Radical Dads on Universal Coolers (Old Flame)
  5. Last Year by Joanna Gruesome on Peanut Butter (Slumberland)
  6. Cut Me Out by Trust Fund on No One's Coming For Us (Reeks of Effort/Turnstile)
  7. Cast Iron by Superchunk on No Pocky For Kitty (Matador)
  8. Long Week by Georgie James on Places (Saddle Creek)
  9. Buddy In The Parade by Hop Along on Painted Shut (Saddle Creek)
  10. Trashman In Furs by The Geraldine Fibbers on Butch (Virgin)
  11. Tempered Love by Alexander Strung on Radio Light (Heavy River)
  12. Orphans by Palaxy Tracks on Wilderness (self-released)
  13. Song So Wrong by Giant Sand on Heartbreak Pass (New West)
  14. Gloriette by David Grubbs on The Spectrum Between (Drag City)
  15. The Quarter Conspiracy by Spent on A Seat Beneath The Chairs (Merge)
  16. West Coast Love Affair by Unrest on Perfect Teeth (4AD)
  17. Our Way Free by Mac McCaughan on Non-Believers (Merge)
  18. 10x Infinity by The Monolith on Here Comes The Monolith (Fortune)
  19. Soft Reputation by Unlikely Friends on Solid Gold Cowboys (Jigsaw)
  20. I'll Be Honest by The Privates on Motion (self-released)
  21. As Stupid As The Sun by B. Hamilton on Fight Everything (Self-released)
  22. Fan the Flames by Sheer Mag on II 7-inch (Wilsuns RC/Katorga Works)
  23. Bedbugs by Ladyhawk on No Can Do (Triple Crown)
  24. Bombs That Fall From Your Eyes by Polvo on This Eclipse EP (Merge)
  25. Homonovus by Speedy Ortiz on Foil Deer (Carpark)
  26. A Song With No Words by Burning Airlines on Identikit (DeSoto)
  27. Galveston, Dark Tides by Erase Errata on Lost Weekend (Under The Sun)
  28. Lydia by Chastity Belt on Time to Go Home (Hardly Art)
  29. Hypnophobia by Jacco Gardner on Hypnophobia (Polyvinyl)