clementine & new + old goodies march


  1. Pictures of You by Sonny Smith on Rod for Your Love (Easy Eye Sound)
  2. Rip Off by Caroline Says on No Fool Like an Old fool (Western Vinyl)
  3. Roses by Nap Eyes on I'm Bad Now (Paradise Of Bachelors)
  4. Shave Your Head by Shopping on The Official Body (FatCat)
  5. Tutti Lo Sanno by Solid Space on Space Museum (Dark Entries)
  6. Goodbye by Porches on The House (Domino)
  7. Current Expulsion by Gift Wrap on Losing Count (Captured Tracks)
  8. Ieni Kaeritai by Yukihiro Takahashi on ...Only When I Laugh (T.E.N.T.)
  9. When Amber Melts by The Art Museums on Rough Frame (Woodsist)
  10. While You Were Sleeping by The Spook School on Could It Be Different? (Slumberland)
  11. At the Falls by Swimsuit on Swimsuit (Speakertree)
  12. Now Only by Mount Eerie on Now Only (P.W. Elverum & Sun, Ltd.)
  13. Sportsmen by Haruomi Hosono on Philharmony (Yen)