Sounds In The Dark - 1.27.20

Working hard? Join in for a relaxing two hours of some new and old favorites, including shiny new tracks from Akisai, Neil Cowley, Jakob Bro, and longform soundscapes from K. Leimer and Eluvium.

Your evening musical nightcap awaits.


  1. Flod by Library Tapes on Ebb / Flod (1631 Recordings AB) New
  2. Featured Fugue 1 by Tape & Bill Wells on Fugue (Immune Recordings)

    Absolute favorite intro track from collaboration between Bill Wells and Swedish group Tape.

  3. Just Above It All by Neil Cowley on Hall Of Mirrors (Mote)

    New Preview of Cowley's forthcoming record, releases March 5, 2021

  4. Deerhunter by Ansatz Der Maschine on Burial Songs (Mathijs Bertel) New
  5. Featured Emeny by Good Weather For An Airstrike on Little Steps (Sun Sea Sky Productions)

    Pulled this LP on a Saturday evening a couple weeks ago. Glad I did.

  6. Featured Fog Music by K. Leimer on Fog Music 29 (Aural Films)

    One of my favorite long form pieces, part of a special series by Bay Area label Aural Films.

  7. The Angel at the Western Window by Bill Nelson on Chance Encounters in the Garden of Light (Cocteau Records)
  8. Featured Behind Your Trouble by Eluvium on Behind Your Trouble (Eluvium)

    Gorgeous long-form standalone track by Matt Cooper (Eluvium)

  9. Featured Curse of Knowing by Andrew Coleman on Everything Was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt (Thrill Jockey)

    One of my favorite tunes from the idiosyncratic UK music genius.

  10. To Stanko by Jakob Bro + Arve Henriksen + Jorge Rossy on Uma Elmo (ECM)

    New Album releases on Feb. 12th 2021. Track is a beautiful tribute to late trumpeter Tomasz Stanko, with whom Bro had worked.

  11. Winds by Akisai on Landscapes (Schole Records)

    New Record releases on Feb. 19th.