"if there's patterns here"

This week's episode digs into percussion and rhythm-based art music, including brand new music from percussionist Susie Ibarra and a collaboration between composer Benjamin Louis Brody and Ian Chang of Son Lux. I've been waiting to do this one for awhile now, so I hope you enjoy. Thanks for listening.


  1. Harmonics by Benjamin Louis Brody and Ian Chang on Floating Into Infinity (New Amsterdam) New
  2. Pre-op by More Eaze & claire rousay on If I Don't Let Myself Be Happy Now Then When? (Mondoj)
  3. Emma O'Halloran: Constellations by Madeline Healey, The Refugee Orchestra Project, Lidiya Yankovskaya (conductor) on Hildegard Competition Winners Vol.1 (National Sawdust Tracks)
  4. Ghost Clock by Lymbyc Systym on Shutter Release (Mush)
  5. Ribbons by Anna Meredith on FIBS (Black Prince Fury)
  6. Part II: Pixelated skin by JOYFULTALK on A Separation Of Being (Constellation)
  7. Susan Parenti: Exercise for Hands Right, Left and Deserted Mouth: no. 4 Speaking Percussionist and Ditties by Bonnie Whiting on Perishable Structures (New Focus)
  8. Elliot Carter: Eight Pieces for Four Timpani: V. Improvisation by Sae Hashimoto on live (self released)
  9. Sarah Kirkland Snider: Thread and Fray by Latitude 49 on Wax and Wire (New Amsterdam)
  10. Quartet: I. Fast by Colin Currie Group on Steve Reich: Pulse / Quartet (Nonesuch)
  11. Dancesteps by Alex Peh, Susie Ibarra on Susie Ibarra: Talking Gong (New Focus) New
  12. Hold My Tongue by Bec Plexus on Sticklip (New Amsterdam)
  13. Triangle by TIGUE on Strange Paradise (New Amsterdam)
  14. tisou by OOIOO on nijimusi (Thrill Jockey)
  15. Body Movement by The Berg Sans Nipple on Build With Erosion (Team Love)
  16. Home by Vula Viel on What's Not Enough About That? (self released)
  17. Midnight by Square Peg Round Hole on Branches (National Sawdust Tracks)