clementine & a new year — 25


  1. When I'm With You by The Lousy Pop Group on The Lousy Pop Group (Shiny Happy)
  2. Where You Find Me by The Notwist on Vertical Days (Morr)
  3. I'm Afraid of Growing Up by Las Margaritas on Winter (Ramonescore Radio)
  4. In The New Year by Diners (Self Released)
  5. Sleeping by Well Whale on Bittersweet Kisses (Maritime)
  6. Hey Blue Sky! by Honeybunch on Hey Blue Sky! (The Bus Stop Label)
  7. Think About Us by Healing Potpourri on Blanket of Calm (Run For Cover)
  8. Cry For A Shadow by The Shapiros on The Shapiros (Library)
  9. Don't Ever Pray In The Church On My Street by The Reds, Pinks & Purples on Uncommon Weather (Slumberland)
  10. Million Years by Mariana in our Heads on Beautiful Noise (Sunday Records)
  11. i <3 u by Boy Pablo on Wachito Rico (U OK?)
  12. Get Bleak by Ducks Unlimited on Ducks Unlimited (Bobo Integral)
  13. You Can Hide Your Love Forever by Comet Gain on You Can Hide Your Love Forever (Fortuna Pop!)
  14. Waiting in Line by Kiwi Jr on Cooler Returns (Sub Pop)
  15. Rising Tide by Midnight Clay on Shall We Dance or Lean to Each Other? (Self Released)