World of Echo Episode 131


  1. Hollow Tree by Arthur Russell on Another Thought (Point Music)
  2. Subway by M. Geddes Gengras on Light Pipe (Room40)
  3. Expanding Breath by ML Wah on Big Air 2 (Flower Room)
  4. Hammond Song by The Roches on The Roches (Warner Bros.)
  5. Lopin' Along Through the Cosmos by Judee Sill on Judee Sill (Asylum)
  6. First Lament by Lucy Railton on First Lament (Takuroku)
  7. Holy Mother by Clarice Jensen on The experience of repetition as death (FatCat Records)
  8. Echos by Beatriz Ferreyra on Echos + (Room40)
  9. Dyed, Dead, Red by Buffy St. Marie / Jack Nitzsche on Performance (Warner Records)
  10. Dark Space Low (Twin Peaks 2017) by Angelo Badalamenti on Twin Peaks: Limited Event Series Original Soundtrack (Rhino)