'let it go, let it come, let it take'

Expecting a winter storm to soak the streets of San Francisco, I prerecorded this week's episode, assuming it would soundtrack a lazy morning in bed while the rain pattered at drafty Victorian window sills. The Bay Area, of course, woke to a sun shining bright enough to remind us all how reliable Northern California weather forecasts are (and that very few of us can ever remember the whole maxim – "best laid plans of mice and men" something something). We'll hear Christopher Cerrone's reworking of his quartet piece "A Natural History of Vacant Lots" for solo percussionist (here: The Living Earth Show's Andy Meyerson), a new arrangement of Claudia Sessa's 17th century sacred music for the English ensemble The House of Bedlam by its founder Larry Goves, a track from UK singer-songwriter Anna B Savage's debut LP A Common Turn, and the pandemic-inspired work "A Strange Time and Place," composed by Amy Bryce, one of the National Youth Choirs of Great Britain 2019–20 Young Composers, and sung by an octet made up of the NYCGB's 2019–20 Fellows. Thanks for listening.


  1. Christopher Cerrone: A Natural History of Vacant Lots by Andy Meyerson on Christopher Cerrone: A Natural History of Vacant Lots (self released) New Local
  2. for organ by Sarah Davachi on All My Circles Run (Late Music)
  3. Sanitized, Alone by Kaki King on Modern Yesterdays (Cantaloupe)
  4. Periphery III by Danny Clay on Periphery (Slaapwel) Local
  5. Claudia Sessa (arr. Larry Goves): Occhi io vissi di voi #2 by The House of Bedlam on Enclosure (NMC) New
  6. Two by Anna B Savage on A Common Turn (City Slang) New
  7. Sunset Village by Beverly Glenn-Copeland on Transmissions: The Music of Beverly Glenn-Copeland (Transgressive)
  8. Estêvão de Brito: Heu, Domine by Studium Chorale, Eric Hermans (conductor) on Choral Music from the Portuguese Renaissance (Globe)
  9. Patagonia Motet 1: Lago by Faten Kanaan on A Mythology of Circles (Fire)
  10. Patagonia Motet 2: Andes by Faten Kanaan on A Mythology of Circles (Fire)
  11. Sinfonia No. 7 by Sonnambula on Leonora Duarte: The Complete Works (Centaur)
  12. Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina: Dies Sanctificatus by Turner Capehart on Early Music (self released) Local
  13. Ritornello by Attacca Quartet on Caroline Shaw: Orange (Nonesuch/New Amsterdam)
  14. Diego Ortiz: Romanesca by Hespèrion XXI, Jordi Savall (director) on Ostinato (Alia Vox)
  15. Amy Bryce: A Strange Time and Place by National Youth Choirs of Great Britain Fellowship (Eleanor Bray, Loren Kell, Ella Rainbird-Earley, Milette Riis, James Botcher, David Woods, Laurence Padfield, Freddie Crowley), Ben Parry (di on Young Composers Scheme 2 (NMC) New
  16. IV. The Acoustic Constellation - Spring by Roomful of Teeth on Michael Harrison: Just Constellations (New Amsterdam)
  17. To Be Seen by Mamiffer on The Brilliant Tabernacle (SIGE)
  18. Persephone's Prayer by Majel Connery on ORPHEA (self released) Local
  19. Zinc by Zoë Keating on Into the Trees (Deluxe Edition) (self released)
  20. Pliocene by Cosmo Sheldrake on The Much Much How How & I (self released)
  21. Bird Chart by Amanda Berlind with the Bang on a Can All-Stars on Green Cone (Curious Music)
  22. My Little Wish by toe on Hear You (Top Shelf)