The Hanging Garden Radio Show w/ Andi Sex Gang & DJ Evil Twin (Indianapolis) 3/16/21


  1. Mauritia Mayer by Sex Gang Children on The Singles 1982-1984 (Cleopatra)
  2. Jeszcze Raz by Belgrado on Siglo XXI (La Vida Es Un Mus)
  3. Walk Away by The Sisters Of Mercy on First And Last And Always (Elektra)
  4. The Future Is Black by Sonsombre on The Veils Of Ending (Post Gothic)
  5. Tomorrow Wendy by Concrete Blonde on Bloodletting (I.R.S.)
  6. Giaconda Smile by Sex Gang Children on Medea (Cleopatra)
  7. Hollow by Zamilska on Uncovered (Untuned)
  8. Horizon by Assemblage 23 on Defiance (Metropolis)
  9. l'Ombre les Reverberes by Derniere Volonte on Devant Le Miroir (Hau Ruck!)
  10. In Between Days by The Cure on Standing On A Beach • The Singles (Elektra)
  11. Snake Dance by The March Violets on Natural History (Rebirth)
  12. Death Mask Mussoulini by Sex Gang Children on Oligarch (Liberation London)
  13. Fake Walls by Abbey Death on Ethos (self released/Bandcamp)