1. PARTYONCOCO by Jason Wool on beats for the conscious kid (Courteous Family)
  2. SIR DUKY by TRAXMAN (unreleased)
  3. Don't Hurt Nobody (feat. Honcho Brando) by Ase Manual on black liquid electronics (like that)
  4. hit tracks by jammin' the house gerald (dance mania)
  5. Acidtrip by Eric Uh (self released) New
  6. Low Frequency Phantasy by Cyan85 on Lucid Intervals (VOITAX)
  7. Negative 7 (Etch's Nosebleed Remix) by Drumskull (Seagrave)
  8. Topper Freak by TMSV x Sir Spyro x Rick James (self released)
  9. New Haven [give The Drummer Some] by Luke Vibert rex (self released)
  10. Lake Of Acid by Chevron on Shubzin VA003 (Shubzin)
  11. You and Me (Joel Deep's Illegal Mix) by Disclosure (Trax Haven)
  12. In Your Own Time (Eprom Remix) by Amon Tobin (self released)
  13. Club 2 Streets by Dj Hairless on Shubzin VA003 (Shubzin)
  14. Rally Start by CLYDE on Rally Start (dome of doom)
  15. Digital Voodoo by Eric Uh on ArmadsSounds001 (BLDSMX)
  16. Rickety Cricket -Mad Zach Remix by Fixate (self released)
  17. Extensiv Hype by Samurai Breaks & Origin ((Trax Haven))
  18. First Step by Manny (unreleased)
  19. Ride by AMWF (Gutta Soundz)
  20. Its Too Late For U by 2Tall (GuttaSoundz)
  21. Ivy by Djoser (Kepasaparadoks)
  22. MANGO MILF by TĀKARO TECHNO CLUB (self released)
  23. Safaera Remix by CHi-C (self released)
  24. vibe angel mix1 by Flying Lotus (unreleased)
  25. Time Travelin' by AceMo on I Want to Believe (self released)
  26. Joker by Robot Samurai on EXT-001 (Extensión)
  27. ONE MORE BEER by TRAXMAN (self released)
  28. BULL SHIT WE ON IT by Manny (self released)
  29. see in my eyes by Manny (unreleased)
  30. Stijl by Will Penn ((Tight Chest))
  31. WRK DAT BODY by DJ Earl on WRK DAT BODY (Moveltraxx)
  32. Vex by Halogenix (Critical Music)
  33. Midwest Express by Heavee on TRAKPAK V5 (self released)
  34. Moi by Rolow (Gutta Soundz)
  35. IMPULSE by ALEPH (self released)
  36. Judgment by Regal86 on Jungle Jams (ADED Files)
  37. When A Fire Starts To Burn [Posk Bootleg] by Disclosure (self released)
  38. Thnderscan (Nikes Remix) by Mike Q & Sinjin Hawke on The Night Slugs EP (Forbidden Trax)
  39. Heart Breakk by DJ Earl on (I Don't Know EP) (self released)
  40. JukeMxEditz'19 (For Rashad) by MVNG on Tributo a DJ Rashad (Juke MX)
  41. Gentleman by DBK on teklifevip2020 (teklife)
  42. Never Said Goodbye VIP by Krush Juke (unreleased)
  43. EQ Is Gonna Give It by EQ Why on East 37th Street (Zona Music(a))
  44. THE PROBLEM = (A.FRUIT REMIX) by ANI KLANG ( on Burn the Empire - (Hyperboloid))
  45. Apofenia Ft. Siete Catorce by El Irreal Veintiuno (self released)
  46. Selecta by POLO LILLI (self released)
  47. Burn Em All by Juke Dealer & Eric Uh (Liga Mexicana Del Bass)
  48. It's Alive by Thinh on Shubzin VA003 (Shubzin)
  49. Ms. Jackson (Sketchy Remix) by Outkast on Pace Playaz Society (Pace Playaz Society)