1. Mouth by Rosali on No Medium (S P I N S T E R)
  2. Blame by Anika Pyle on Wild River (Self Released)
  3. People Pleaser by Puppy Problems on compco (Self Released)
  4. Sweet Talker by big blood on Do You Wanna Have A Skeleton Dream? (Dontrustheruin)
  5. Ennemi commun by Special Friend on Ennemi commun (Hidden Bay)
  6. Silvertongue by PACKS on Take the Cake (Fire Talk)
  7. Personal Computing by Neutrals on Personal Computing (Slumberland)
  8. More Than A Friend by Liquids on Life Is Pain Idiot (Self Released)
  9. Pastel by Special Friend on Ennemi commun (Hidden Bay)
  10. Dingo Boy by Bent (Moontown)
  11. Cowards by Sweet Reaper on Microdose (Alien Snatch!)
  12. Wrong Shoes by Giant Haystack on This Is All There Is (Self Released)
  13. All I Can Do by Proud Parents on At Home With... (Self Released)
  14. Vocations by Early Riser on Vocations (A-F)
  15. Test Run by Sunday Cruise on Test Run (Self Released)
  16. Million Times by Fiddlehead on Between the Richness (Self Released)
  17. Seven Trumpets by Mush on Lines Redacted (Memphis Industries)
  18. Secret Lover by Jesse James Davis (Self Released)
  19. Flat Earth by Cold Beat (DFA)
  20. Icarus/Breakthrough by Mal Devisa on Wisdom Teeth (Self Released)
  21. Quiet Violet by The Snogs on Charmless (Discontinuous Innovation)
  22. South Loop Summer by hospital bracelet on South Loop Summer (Self Released)
  23. Silence by American Culture on For My Animals (HHBTM)
  24. Dream Boy by Beach Bunny on Honeymoon (Mom + Pop)
  25. Breathing by Adult Mom on Driver (Epitaph)
  26. Irrelevant Man by Smirk on LP (Feel It)
  27. Unoriginal by Spread Joy on Spread Joy (Feel It)
  28. Radiant Eye by Civic on Future Forecast (Flightless)
  29. Off Grid by Holiday Ghosts on North Street Air (Fatcat)
  30. Proofreaders, Singles, and Philosophers by Waste Man on One Day It'll All Be You (Feel It)
  31. De Facto Blues by Michael Beach on Dream Violence (Goner)
  32. Time Frames by Razz on Time Frames (Emotional Response)
  33. Cross Me Out by Sweeping Promises on Hunger for a Way Out (Feel It)
  34. Erik by Flowers on Flowers (Slumberland)
  35. Psalms by Feature on Banishing Ritual (Self Released)
  36. Simple Distractions by Street Eaters on Simple Distractions EP (Nervous Intent)
  37. You Can Find Me by Magik Markers on 2020 (Drag City)
  38. Open Rain by Cloud Nothings on The Shadow I Remember (Carpark)