Despair on the Air #76 w/ Harmony Woods

Our 76th episode of Despair on the Air where we welcome a very special guest, Sofia Verbilla of Harmony Woods!

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  1. Twisted by Johanna Warren on Chaotic Good (Wax Nine / Carpark)
  2. Featured Graceful Rage by Harmony Woods on GRACEFUL RAGE (Skeletal Lighting) New
  3. Break
  4. Bite My Tongue by Ally Evenson (Self-Released) New
  5. Bedroom Track (Carrie) by Erin Anne on Tough Love (Carpark)
  6. Fallen for You by Bartees Strange on Live Forever (Memory Music)
  7. Break
  8. Heavy, Heavy by Pom Pom Squad on Ow (Self-Released)
  9. What's the Craic? by Lindsay B on I Should've Stayed Home (Loser Year) New
  10. Freakshow by Floating Room on Tired and True (Self-Released)
  11. Break
  12. Nest by Iress on Flaw (Self-Released)
  13. Denial by MILLY (Dangerbird) New