Brighter Days 018: Afternoon Wine Bar Edition

I went to an outdoor party this afternoon at a wine bar featuring some great DJs. This set is inspired by the music I heard there, and what I would play in that environment.


  1. African Voodoo by Cerrone on Afro II (Malligator)
  2. Part A by A Drummer From Detroit (Fit)
  3. I'm Going to Go by Jago (Fulltime)
  4. Return of the Savage by DJ Nature on Return of the Savage (Golf Channel Recordings)
  5. Miura by Metro Area on Straight A's (Environ)
  6. Hostile Takeover by Soulful Session on Moodymann DJ-Kicks (K7 Records)
  7. Who Are We by Patrice Scott (Sistrum Recordings)
  8. Purple Haze by Soichi Terada on Soichi Terada Presents Sounds from the Far East (Rush Hour)
  9. Song For A Friend by Byron the Aquarius on Leaving This Planet (Eglo Records)
  10. What You Know by Wajeed on From Hell With Love 2 (Lumberjacks in Hell)
  11. Palimpset by Hiatt Db on Palimpset (Rhythm Section)
  12. Flashlight by Tom Noble (Store Jams)
  13. Feel The Love by The Message on From Hell With Love 2 (Lumberjacks From Hell)
  14. Zero Feel by Kornel Kovacs on I Heart Studio Barnhus (Studio Barnhus)
  15. Tonight (Dub Mix) by Steve Harvey (London Recordings)
  16. 17 Days by Dam Funk on I Don't Want to be a Star (Stones Throw)
  17. Atomic Dog by George Clinton (The Funk Record Co.)
  18. Set Fire To Me (Inferno Dub) by Willie Colon (A&M Records)
  19. Flight to Jamaica by Crashers (Capo Disco)
  20. The Champ by The Mohawks (Alpha Omega Records)
  21. Take Me I'm Yours by Mary Clark (La Shawn)