Dan Gentile


Hi, I'm Dan. I've been DJing vinyl records since 2003 and moved to San Francisco in 2019 from Austin, TX, where I worked as a freelance writer and DJed everywhere from Ethiopian restaurants to empty furniture warehouses. I also make sampled-based house music as Time Zones, our first single was released in 2019 on Mystery Zone Records.The idea behind "Brighter Days" is to show a little love to my dance records that are currently under quarantine and begging to be played, whether they're disco heaters, classic house bangers, or really just any tune that make you want to move.


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A pair of archival vinyl mixes recorded early in the pandemic, the first half features my weirdest disco dubs, the second half a selection of soulful…

Brighter Days

Archival recording 190320.

Brighter Days

Shoulda brought oven mitts because damn my crate tonight is hot.

Brighter Days 120 mins