Dan Gentile


Hi, I'm Dan. I've been DJing vinyl records since 2003 and moved to San Francisco in 2019 from Austin, TX, where I worked as a freelance writer and DJed everywhere from Ethiopian restaurants to empty furniture warehouses. I also make sampled-based house music as Time Zones, our first single was released in 2019 on Mystery Zone Records.The idea behind "Brighter Days" is to show a little love to my dance records that are currently under quarantine and begging to be played, whether they're disco heaters, classic house bangers, or really just any tune that make you want to move.


Recent Broadcasts

Brighter Days 004


Hello from Haight Street! I just moved into a new house and my records are still in boxes, so no vinyl tonight, but fear not there's still plenty of disco tunes on the horizon (and a couple of tearjerking house tracks as well). As always,… Read More →

Brighter Days 003


Boy do we have a show for you tonight! Lots of big, bold, beautiful tunes, a few new purchases as well as some classics from artists whose first names say it all (Stevie, Janet, Giorgio, Arthur, Gino). Some real left turns in there so brace yourself. Thanks… Read More →

Brighter Days 002


Hi again friends, welcome to episode two of my radio show. I've changed the name to Brighter Days, because well, fire doesn't seem like the best metaphor right now. Also, it's worth a minute to reappreciate this clip of Theo Parrish losing his mind. One thing… Read More →