Brighter Days 037: Folsom Street Blues

Warm up sesh for an upcoming gig at 1015 Folsom on 3/10 with Romare.


  1. My Spine Is The Bassline (12 by Shriekback on My Spine Is The Bassline (Y Records)
  2. Don't Turn It Off by Hot Chocolate (RAK Records)
  3. Stars by Kon on Alright (Star Time)
  4. New Ferrari (Harvey Sutherland's Weird Flex) by Surprise Chef (Mr Bongo)
  5. Thunder (The Utopia Sound Project) by Don Carlos (Phonica Records)
  6. Listen to the Band by Jex Opolis on Net Loss (Good Timin')
  7. Rose St by Jeff Swift on Mood & Impulse (Nicewon Recordings)
  8. Invasion of the Black Bass by Spirit of the Black 808 (Sounds of the City)
  9. All for me by Scan 7 (Heist Recordings)
  10. You Don't Know What To Do by The Utopia Project (Nu Groove)
  11. Luv Music by DJ Slym Fast on Motor City Drum Ensemble Selectors (Dekmantel)
  12. I Can Feel Your Love Slippin Away by Samson & Delilah (Saturn Records)
  13. Going Thru Life by Virgo (Trax Records)
  14. Slice the Top by Tendts on 415-PR22 (Public Release)
  15. Five Dimensional Coffee Cup by Johannes Klingebiel on Positional Play (Beats in Space)
  16. Beppe Loda by Thunder Speed Cross on Obscure Italian Space Prog (Gail Force Disco)
  17. Like Water by Dj Boring on Like Water (Technicolour)
  18. Post-Typhoon by Conoley Ospovat on Reconnected (Kimochi)
  19. Space & Time (original mix) by Byron the Aquarius on Ambrosia (Axis Records)
  20. Dance to the House (Unreleased mix) by Neurostate on Welcome to Paradise Vol. III (Safe Trip)
  21. Break the Dawn by Crystal & S. Koshi on Break the Dawn / From Red to Violet (Beats in Space Records)
  22. Break
  23. Palta Con Crema (Eddie C Mix) by Rocco & Esquivel on Palta Con Crema (Cosmica Music)