Hot Damn! Episode 17

[Chill | Electronica | Electropop]

I've been feeling pretty empty lately, some of these tracks embrace that emptiness and others distract me from it.

Featuring: Havelock, Sophia Bel, Blood Cultures, Lia Ices, Gorillaz, TroyBoi, The Midnight, and more!


  1. Way You Walk by Blaise Eldred on Sexpop (Self-released)
  2. Pheromones by Havelock (Daddy Kool)
  3. J’en ai marre by Therapie TAXI on Hit Sale (Wagram Music)
  4. You’re Not Real You’re Just a Ghost by Sophia Bel (Bonsound)
  5. Flowers for All Occasions by Blood Cultures on Oh Uncertainty! A Universe Despairs (Self-released)
  6. Seahorse (ft. Norma Winstone) by Psychemagik on I Feel How this Night Should Look (Self-released)
  7. How We Are by Lia Ices on Ices (Jagjaguwar)
  8. You Don’t Get Me High Anymore by Phantogram on Three (Republic)
  9. On Your Way Down by The Jungle Giants on Quiet Ferocity (Amplifire)
  10. Phone Keys Wallet by Lillian Frances on Timeism (Self-released)
  11. 19-2000 - Soulchild Remix by Gorillaz on The Singles Collection 2001-2011 (Parlophone)
  12. When You Die by MGMT on Little Dark Age (Columbia)
  13. I’m Good by Dizzy Fae (Self-released)
  14. Rabbit Hole by Cherry Glazerr (Burger)
  15. ili by TroyBoi on Left is Right (T Dot Music / Sunset Entertainment Group)
  16. Jason by The Midnight, Nikki Flores on Endless Summer (The Midnight Music, LLC)