Keep Cool w/@Jon_Digital - Episode 007 05/01/21

All that you dream. Wear headphones.


  1. Theme From Ernest Borgnine by Squarepusher on Theme From Ernest Borgnine (Warp) New
  2. Realm by The Upbeats on Realm (Vision) New
  3. Serpentine by Chris Potter on Serpentine (Edition Records) New
  4. Yves Klein Blue by Sweatson Klank on Yves Klein Blue (Friends Of Friends) New
  5. Park Bench by Dirty Nice on Supreme Ultimate Woman (Chiverin) New
  6. Tale Of My Lost Love - Cover by La Luz on Tale Of My Lost Love (Numero Group) New
  7. Feel Ugly - Instrumental Version by Farhot on Feel Ugly (Instrumental Version) (Kabul Fire Records) New
  8. Gem by Jex Opolis on Gem (Good Timin' Records) New
  9. Dogbreath by Banji on Dogbreath (Banji) New
  10. Tiny Tino by Robbing Millions on Tiny Tino (MGMT Records) New
  11. Am I Even Real? by Leyya on Am I Even Real? (Edition Steam) New
  12. Nobody Scared by Porij on Nobody Scared (Oat Gang Records) New
  13. Black Tame by Topaz Jones on Don't Go Tellin' Your Momma (New Funk Academy) New
  14. Mica Male by Mathias Modica on Mica Male (Kryptox) New
  15. To Never Forget The Source by Sons Of Kemet on To Never Forget The Source (UMG)
  16. Run Outs by Alfa Mist on Bring Backs (Anti) New
  17. Dreaming In The Non-Dream - Live at Cafe OTO by Chris Forsyth; The Solar Motel Band on Rare Dreams: Solar Live 2.27.18 (Expanded) (Chris Forsyth) New
  18. Another Land by vern matz on Another Land (Nice Guys) New
  19. Shuffle Bubble by Lydian Collective on Shuffle Bubble (Lydian Label) New
  20. Pachamama by BaianaSystem; Claudia Manzo on OXEAXEEXU (Maquina De Louco) New
  21. Trick Baby by Spike Wilner Trio on Aliens & Wizards (Cellar Live) New
  22. I Feel High (with L'Impératrice) by Poolside; L'Impératrice on I Feel High (with L'Impératrice) (Pacific Standard Records) New