Ep 170: "They Changed My Life"

The Reds Pinks & Purples, whose Uncommon Weather (bandcamp) is a small culling of songwriter Glenn Donaldson's ongoing iterations of form, give the impression of an infinite supply of life-saving melancholy 🙏

Episode title is from the Reds Pinks & Purples song "The Songs You Used to Write."

Die Jim Crow Records and the Union of Musicians and Allied Workers are teaming up to get instruments into the hands of incarcerated peoples, including those not far from us at San Quentin, intake form here: https://actionnetwork.org/forms/instrumentsintoprisons

instagram: @iluvmondaysbfffm
twitter: @iluvmondaysWill
email: iluvmondaysBFFfm@gmail.com


  1. Take Me With You by Silverware on No Plans (self released) Local
  2. Scowl by Luke Sweeney on Critique of Nature (self released) Local
  3. Little Deer by SPELLLING on Little Deer (Sacred Bones) Local
  4. Life at Parties by The Reds, Pinks & Purples on Uncommon Weather (Slumberland) Local
  5. The Songs You Used to Write by The Reds, Pinks, and Purples on Uncommon Weather (Slumberland) Local
  6. Hey You, What's New by Al Harper on Promises I Kept (Homing Instinct) Local
  7. Kiss of Life by Pacific Yew on Water for the Town v.3 (SMARTBOMB) Local
  8. Yolk by Fake Fruit on Fake Fruit (Rocks In Your Head) Local
  9. Emporium by Blue Ocean on Blue Ocean (Paisley Shirt) Local
  10. Portal by Buddy Junior on Portal (Cherub Dream) Local
  11. East Bay by Wyatt Smith on Maple (Open Door) Local
  12. Goin' (Perseverence) by Qing Qi on Emotionally Intelligent (Pu Tang) Local
  13. Repair by Stoney Creation (self released) Local
  14. What I Want You to Do (So Do) by Smile Too Much on Smile Too Much (Dandy Boy) Local
  15. Looking South from Hyde Street by Sad Eyed Beatniks on Places of Interest (Paisley Shirt) Local
  16. Heaven Train by Romance Club on Flowers from Barbado (self released) Local
  17. Country Breakfast by Half Stack on Wings of Love (Forged Artifacts) Local
  18. Always by A Tribe Quartet (self released)
  19. Son of Sam's Club by Nopes on Djörk (Magnetic Eye) Local