1. Let's Go by Loraine James on Reflection (Hyperdub) New
  2. Riffle by Ssaliva on Hidden / Riffle (Self-released)
  3. Valkyrie by Alberich on A Second is a Year (Hospital Productions) New
  4. Featured Interlunium by Katrine Grarup Elbo on Fold Unfold (Sonic Pieces) New
  5. Featured Flying Fish Ambience by Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement on Flying Fish Ambience (Hospital Productions) New
  6. Sing As The Crow Flies by Laura Cannell & Polly Wright on Sing As The Crow Flies (Brawl)
  7. golden hour, blue hour, dusk (​+​6° to -18°) by MHz on Earth's Shadow (Line) New
  8. Senses Purified (Seoul Skyline) by Schacke on Moments Forever Fading (Posh Isolation) New
  9. My Sway (feat. Jonnine Standish) by Not Waving on How to Leave Your Body (Ecstatic) New
  10. Featured The Bise by James Rushford on Lake from the Louvers (Shelter Press) New