cheetle radio 5.22.15; shibori shimmyshimmy jimmy pants

we made some fancy blankets with indigo. CRAFY LITTLE CATS R WE.


  1. Charity by Religious Girls on na (na)
  2. Flying Golem by Wand on Ganglion Reef (Drag City)
  3. Trying by Bully on Bully (Startime International)
  4. Thought I Could Know by Tiaras on Tiaras (Mt. St. Mtn.)
  5. WAYN by Plush on Pine (na)
  6. Cage by Stalls (Vacant Stare)
  7. Pedestrian at Best by Courtney Barnett on Pedestrian at Best (Marathon Artists)
  8. Tenderize by Ava Luna on Infinite House (Western Vinyl)
  9. No Way Out (Redux) by Warpaint on No Way Out/I'll Start Believing (Rough Trade)
  10. Golden Days by Shana Cleveland & The Sandcastles on Oh Man, Cover the Ground (Suicide Squeeze Records)
  11. Triad by The Byrds on The Notorious Byrd Brothers (Columbia)
  12. Eastern Medicine by Dirt Dress
  13. Virgin Mary by Nots (Goner)
  14. Fields by The KVB on Mirror Being (Invada Records)
  15. Claw by Magic Death Ride on demo(n)s
  16. Triumph by Sonic Jesus on Neither Virtue Nor Anger (Fuzz Club)
  17. nothing neu by Heirophants (goner)
  18. Beat Me Up (Talk to a counselor) by Dick Diver on Melbourne, Florida (in the red)
  19. shame shame by ratfangs
  20. I hate the sun (feat. keel her) by emotional on "feeling" (gnar tapes)