b.a.a.a.m. radio (ep. 3)

this week we're playing some local music blended with some other rockin' songs we love. we also feature a brand new, unreleased track from local band Lofi Legs.


  1. B.V.T.V by The Sleeps on Enter and Enjoy (Big Wave Records) Local
  2. Klepto by The Gnars on Stuck (654265)
  3. Bathroom Song by Hot Flash Heat Wave on Neapolitan (Self Released) Local
  4. Stoney Baloney by Juicebumps on Jelly (Self-released) Local
  5. Megan's Room by Burd on Rock Bottom Friends (Self-released) Local
  6. Brains by Weird Fun on Weird Fun (Self-released) Local
  7. Jordan Baker by The She's on Dreamers (Self Released) Local
  8. Shrug by Corn on My Dinner Plate, emmy brady (Colin Thomas Kolasny)
  9. Kool Girl by Seasalt (Self-released)
  10. Lucky by Fazerdaze on Morningside (Flying Nun)
  11. Too Young by Lofi Legs on Leg Day (WWNBB) New Local
  12. Color My Life by Chicano Batman on Invisible People (ATO Records)
  13. Saw You In A Dream by The Japanese House on Saw You In a Dream (Dirty Hit Records)
  14. Like Lemonade by Milk for the Angry on Make Like an Animal (Self-released) Local
  15. Shooting Blanks by Hit Me Harold on Jebron James (Self Released) Local
  16. Pretty Boy by Guppy on In Heat (Self-released)
  17. Anywhere (Blues) by Goodworld (Desmonds Barrow of Records) New Local
  18. Lauren by Men I Trust (Self-released)
  19. Sanctuary by Ruby Haunt on Blue Hour (Ruby Haunt)
  20. Neopolitan by Mint on Mentha (Slang Church) Local
  21. Thinking of You by Smoothboi Ezra (Self-released)
  22. Come Again by Dream Haste on Less Blue (Self-Released) Local
  23. Cereal Box by The Fluorescents on You Before The Oh (Self-released) Local
  24. Unstable by Blues Lawyer on Guess Work (Emotional Response) Local
  25. Birds Dont Sing by TV Girl on French Exit (Self-released)
  26. 84 by Mac Cornish (Self-released) Local
  27. Weird Dreams by May Powell (Park The Van) New Local
  28. Fool Playin' by Mantrah on Nevermind/Fool Playin' (1191954 Records DK) Local
  29. What Is Love? Tell Me Is It Easy by Hala on Spoonfed (Balaclava Records)
  30. It's All About You by MUNYA (Luminelle Recordings)
  31. Meet the Frownies by Mr Twin Sister on Meet the Frownies (Domino)
  32. Wet Mouth by Nanami Ozone on Desire (Self-released)
  33. Fancy Shoes by The walters on Songs for Dads (The Walters)