Sounds In The Dark - 7.14.21

Tonight's edition features tons of new music, including work from Rival Consoles, Hollie Kenniff, Electric Kif, Immersion, William Tyler, Black Brunswicker and plenty more!


  1. Memory Garden by William Tyler + Luke Schneider on Understand (Leaving Records) New
  2. Pulses of Information by Rival Consoles on Pulses of Information (Erased Tapes)

    New Ryan Lee West's newest track, anticipating to his return to performing live music.

  3. Still Falling Snow by Hollie Keniiff on The Quiet Drift (Western Vinyl)

    New Beautiful track from Kenniff, complete record drops on Friday, on Western Vinyl.

  4. Upstream by Halftribe + Awakened Souls on Sustain Series, Vol. 2 (Ambientologist)

    New Sweet compilation record with a who's who of contributors. Came out on July 9th.

  5. The Event Horizon by Eluder on Through Horizon (Infraction)

    One of my favorite records from a venerable label. Came out in 2013

  6. Cynthia Everywhere by Bengalfuel on Auriemma (Infraction)

    New Fabulous 4-track limited vinyl release from Joe LiTrenta and Miki Kizh.

  7. Need Your Light by 36 + Awakened Souls on The Other Side of Darkness (Past Inside The Present)

    New Collaboration between James Bernard (awakened souls) and Dennis Huddleston (36). Features three complete records in essence as both artists individually re-interpret the entire work as new versions.

  8. Morning Through My Window by Black Brunswicker on Temple of Spring (Black Brunswicker)

    New Work from Ethan Helfrich in the UK, came out in April. Bandcamp page for this record features the guitar tunings used in the pieces. Available as a limited cassette release.

  9. Hibernation by Rest You Sleeping Giant on The Winter Cold (Stereoscenic)

    A look at Ethan Helfrich's other music project.

  10. Monolake by JB Dunckel + Jonathan Fitoussi on Mirages (Prototyp Recording)
  11. Night Swept the Forest by Hilyard on Somnolent (Stereoscenic)
  12. Reading a Wave by Arp on ZEBRA (Kemado / Mexican Summer)
  13. Dreamlike by Electric Kif + Aaron Parks on Dreamlike (La Reserve Records)

    New Single from a forthcoming record of the same name, due out August 2nd. Pianist Aaron parks provides keyboards on this track.

  14. Skylarks by Immersion + Ulrich Schnauss on Nanocluster Vol. 1 (swim ~)

    New Single from a forthcoming collaboration record by Immersion (Colin Newman and Malka Spigel). Drops Sept. 4th. Features Laetitia Sadier, Tarwater, Scanner, etc.

  15. Hunters Point Drydocks by Daniel Herskedal on Harbour (Edition Records)

    Locally-inspired title.

  16. Havn by Svanebork Kardyb on Haven (Blikflak)