1. Featured Secrecy Is Incredibly Important To The Both of Them by Yves Tumor on The Asymptotical World EP (Warp) New
  2. Featured Unterhaltung by Privat on Ein Gedachtnis Rollt Sich Auf Der Zunge Aus (Alter)
  3. Hyperpassive by Lee Gamble on A Million Pieces Of You (Hyperdub) New
  4. Lil Birdy Starts to Fly Again by Vivian Koch on Beyond Contact (AD 93) New
  5. Poison by Zaumne on Élévation (Mondoj) New
  6. Change by Loraine James on Reflection (Hyperdub) New
  7. Featured of the cracked mind by Evan Caminiti on The Cracked Mask (Superpang) New
  8. Featured Live by Claire Rousay on Live (American Dreams) New