Episode 1


  1. whynot by Knxledge (Self-released)
  2. meaningless by NOIZZ (Self-released)
  3. boo'dup by spüke (Self-release)
  4. Yay by The Kount (Self-release)
  5. Ar by TEK.LUN (Self-release)
  6. WhereUbeen by Esta. (Self-release)
  7. GUESS WHAT by SENOJNAYR (Self-release)
  8. BMO 2001 (BREAK MISSY OFF) by K, Le Maestro (Self-release)
  9. VHOOR - Continue by Invdrs (INVDRS)
  10. ems in the bank by Foolie $urfin (Self-released)
  11. Sleep Sound by Jamie xx on In Colour (Young Turks)
  12. Careful by Teezo Touchdown (Self-released)
  13. Mac Miller - Nikes On My Feed (Sham Steele Remix) by SHAM STEELE (Self-released)
  14. 9/22 by marlin (Self-released)
  15. sza flip by Auxtin Marc (Self-released)
  16. 4PF chopper by pearlchild (Self-released)
  17. RNRN by MXXWLL on SHEEESH (Rare Chords)
  18. minnie flip by austin marc (Self-released)
  19. FOCUS by ZUUBEK (Self-released)
  20. MUMBO JUMBO by Tierra Whack (Self-released)
  21. divinity by sam gellaitry (Self-released)
  22. Espirito Santo by Sango (Soulection)
  23. Where We From *RIP Natasja* by gravez (Soulection)
  24. Spottieottiedopaliscious by Outkast on Aquemini (LaFace / RCA)