Episode 2


  1. Dakar by KDaGreat on Single (Self-Released)
  2. Circadian Rhythm by Jives on Single (Self-Released)
  3. body&soul by J.Robb on Single (Self-Released)
  4. Shy by Efimero on Single (Self-Released)
  5. Electric Relaxation by A Tribe Called Quest on Midnight Marauders (Jive Records)
  6. Congo Bongo by engelwood on Single (Self-Released)
  7. ain't nobody like you (feat. josh pan) by YUNG BAE on Single (Self-Released)
  8. one thing by josh pan on Single (Self-Released)
  9. Percussion by Nidia on Single (Self-Release)
  10. Kanye West - Lift Me Uptown (Sango Bounced It) by Sango on Single (Self-Released)
  11. 救済 by enzo dicarlo on Single (Self-Released)
  12. Beatbox by Milye on Single (Lucid Monday)
  13. TEMPO (Prod by VZN) by Smino on Single (Self-Released)
  14. African Scream Vhoor Flip by Vhoor on Single (Self-Release)
  15. Crush by Weird Inside on Single (Self-Release)
  16. ME&U by domoh on Single (Self-Release)
  17. Frank Ocean - Nightz (Sango Bounced It) by Sango on Single (Self-Release)
  18. Talk Less by ta-ku on Single (Self-Release)
  19. Solange & Carti - Almedaz (Sango Bounced) by Sango on Single (Self-Release)
  20. Come .down by Camoufly on Single (Self-Release)
  21. Free Things in Life by Kaytranada on Bromance #10 (Savoir Faire)
  22. Chicka Riddim by S!RENE on Single (Self-Release)
  23. flashing lights by sans on Single (Self-Release)
  24. Addiction (Vandalized Edit) by Jarreau Vandal on Single (Self-Released)
  25. This or That by DECAP on Drums That Knock Vol. 5 (Self Released) Local
  26. what's goin on by oxy_gin on Single (Self-Release)