1. Hold the Phone by Spirits Having Fun on Two (born yesterday)
  2. A Thousand Years by Izzy True on Our Beautiful Baby World (Self Released)
  3. Friend by Valley Palace (Run for Cover)
  4. Still Life by Absolutely Free on Aftertouch (Boiled)
  5. Stuck on Hold by Freezing Cold on Stuck on Hold/Drawn to Scale EP (Salinas)
  6. Great Dividing Rage by The Gooch Palms on Great Dividing Rage (Self Released)
  7. She Buys Herself Flowers by The Umbrellas on The Umbrellas (Slumberland)
  8. The Wolf by Ada Connan Mockasin on It's Just Wind (Mexican Summer)
  9. The Process by Chastity Belt on The Process / Lonely (Hardly Art)
  10. Gift Horse by Zelma Stone (Self-Released)
  11. My Head Hurts by gash on Leftern (Heavy Meadow)
  12. For Nobody by Lizdelise on Body (Sheer Luck)
  13. Pretty Today by Smile Machine on Bye For Now (Exploding in Sound)
  14. Cease to Exist by Supermilk on Four By Three (Specialist Subject)
  15. Baby Boy by Proud Parents on At Home With... (Self Released)
  16. Fee Fee by Smoke Bellow on Open For Business (Trouble In Mind)
  17. Bailey by Suzie True on Saddest Girl At The Party (Get Better)
  18. Feel Nothing by Amen Dunes on Feel Nothing (Sub Pop)
  19. Inversion by Quicksand on Distand Populations (Epitaph)
  20. Ox '45 by Toner on White Buffalo Roam (SMOKING ROOM)
  21. Disco by Geese (Self Released)
  22. Put It on Me by Grace Vonderkuhn on Grace Vonderkuhn (Sheer Luck)
  23. Quarantine by Dog Heaven on Dog Heaven (Rad Girlfriend)
  24. High Heel Heavy by Mister Strange (PNKSLM)
  25. My Friend by Gothic Tropic on Tang Brain EP (Dome of Doom)
  26. Stay Away Still by My Idea on That's My Idea (Hardly Art)
  27. The Simple Truths by King Khan on Mother Nature's Plan (Khannibalism)
  28. Who Took The Rain by Neighborhood Brats on Confines of Life (Dirt Cult)
  29. Négatif by Alvilda on Négatif (Alien Snatch)
  30. In the Country by La Luz on In the Country (Hardly Art)
  31. Spirit FM by Bad Moves on Tell No One (Don Giovanni)