1. Been So Far by ulna on OEA (Born Yesterday)
  2. Pastel by Special Friend on Ennemi commun (Hidden Bay)
  3. Sans Toi by Fleur on Fleur (6131)
  4. See You Again by Cold Beat on War Garden (Mom+Pop)
  5. Cosmic Joke (Live at the Bunk) by Gladie on from the basement to the garage (band) (Self Released)
  6. How Long by Palehound on How Long (Polyvinyl)
  7. Beat Up Shoes by A Great Big Pile of Leaves on Pono (Topshelf)
  8. How Long Can Delight Hold? by Spllit on Spllit Sides (Feel It)
  9. To Be True by Cindy on 1:2 (Tough Love)
  10. Diver by Lala Lala on I Want the Door to Open (Hardly Art)
  11. Natural Light by Flowertown on S/T (Paisley Shirt)
  12. Guided By Angels by Amyl and the Sniffers on Comfort To Me (ATO)
  13. You Work All Day and Then You Die by The Parrots on Dos (Heavenly)
  14. Love at Psychedelic Velocity by Dead Ghosts (Self Released)
  15. 27 Years by Eades on Abstract Education EP (Heist or Hit)
  16. Florence by Adult Books on Grecian Urn (Taxi Gauche)
  17. I Wanna Be a Dog by Colleen Green on Cool (Hardly Art)
  18. Cold Clouds by Partial Traces on Wild Surf / Quiet Blues (Self Released)
  19. Heart Orb Bone by Snakeskin on Heart Orb Bone (State Champion)
  20. One More Last One by Wednesday on Twin Plagues (Orindal)
  21. Stay Away Still by My Idea on That's My Idea (Hardly Art)
  22. Reality by Body Breaks on Bad Trouble (We Are Time)
  23. Toothache by Sam Valdez on Take Care (B3SCI)
  24. Mayahuel by Sávila on Mayahuel (Mississippi)
  25. Some Things Never Break by De Lux on Uneven (Innovative Leisure)
  26. Paradigme by Le Femme on Paradygmes (Born Bad)
  27. Loose Grip by Street Eaters on Simple Distractions, EP (Self Released)
  28. Stone Path by Landowner on Consultant (born yesterday)
  29. Raindrop by Gorgeous on Gorgeous / EIEIEIO Split (Sad Cactus)
  30. okokOK by EIEIO on Gorgeous / EIEIEIO Split (Sad Cactus)
  31. In the Shade by Noun on In the Shade (State Champion)
  32. Boxes by Cherry Cheeks on S/T (Total Punk)
  33. Fall in a Pit by TVO on Fall in a Pit (State Champion)
  34. Warm Void Thoughtless by Emily Jane Powers on Isometry (Self Released)