B-Side Dreams 236 - w/The Umbrellas

Live at The Ferry Building with local band The Umbrellas, who have a record release at The Rickshaw Stop this Friday, August 6 with The Reds Pinks & Purples, Blues Lawyer, and Healing Potpourri. Get tix.

The Umbrellas band
The Umbrellas at the Ferry Building


  1. Featured Near You by The Umbrellas (Slumberland) New Local
  2. Featured Pictures by The Umbrellas (Slumberland) New Local
  3. Pages Turn by 28th Day, Barbara Manning on The Complete Recordings (Innerstate)

    2017, original material from 1985

  4. Unfortunately (bonus track) by McCarthy on I am a Wallet (Cherry Red)

    Original album 1987.

  5. Featured She Buys Herself Flowers by The Umbrellas (Slumberland) New Local
  6. Atta Girl by Heavenly on Atta Girl (Sarah Records)


  7. Silent Spring by Primal Scream on Sonic Flower Groove (Warner)


  8. City Song by The Umbrellas on Maritime EP (Discontinuous Innovations Inc) Local
  9. Our Angel's Ululu by Deerhoof on Reveille (Kill Rock Stars)
  10. Padded Cell by The Mentally Ill on Gacy's Place: The Undiscovered Corpses (Alternative Tentacles)


  11. Visions by The Umbrellas on Maritime EP (Discontinuous Innovations Inc.) Local
  12. Wind Chimes by The Beach Boys on The Smile Sessions (Capitol)
  13. Strawberry Fields Forever by Richie Havens on Paris Live 1969 (Stormy Forest Productions)