B-Side Dreams 235 - Get Bleak

New music by The Catenary Wires, Ducks Ltd, Wednesday, Mod Con, Maripool, and more.

Clarification: The Chandra album Transportation is an expanded re-release by Telephone Explosion of early 80s material. That was not clear to me until post-show. It's a great album, feels new.


  1. The Overview Effect by The Catenary Wires on Birling Gap (Skep Wax) New
  2. Finally by Macie Stewart on Finally (Orindal Records) New
  3. Are You Out There by Tasha, Esther Rose on Are You Out There (Father/Daughter Records) New
  4. Gloria by Angel Olsen (jagjaguwar) New
  5. Ammo by Mod Con (Poison City) New
  6. Bathwater by The Goon Sax on Mirror II (Matador) New
  7. They're All Alike by Chandra on Transportation (Telephone Explosion)
  8. Blindness by Maripool (Strong Island) New
  9. Weight of the Earth, On Paper by Mega Bog on Life, and Another (Paradise of Bachelors) New
  10. Fee Fee by Smoke Bellow on Open For Business (Trouble In Mind) New
  11. Get Bleak by Ducks Ltd on Get Bleak (Carpark) New
  12. I'd Rather Astral Project by The Reds, Pinks and Purples (Slumberland) New Local
  13. Cody's Only by Wednesday on Twin Plagues (Orindal) New
  14. Stranger by Jess Johns (Swirl) New
  15. Hurt by Ada Lee (Saddle Creek) New
  16. Rain by Jacco Gardner on Somnium (Polyvinyl)