Brighter Days 025: Harmonic Afternoon


  1. Tema Pro Alvarito by Guilherme Coutinho on Lo-Fi Tropical (Mad About Records)
  2. Dill Piccolo or (Try not to Twitch) by Paul Beaver and Bernard L. Krause on Ragnarok (Limelight)
  3. Says by Nils Frahm on Space (Erased Tapes Records)
  4. Floating Cube by S U R V I V E on MNQ 026 (Mannequin)
  5. For So Long by Mr. Fingers (Alleviated Records)
  6. 2 Daye Revisit by Bassmental on 6:23 Again Trackin Ya Down (Nite Grooves)
  7. Extravaganza by Soul Clap on R&B Edits (W + L Black)
  8. Iye-ubao by Daniel Wang on The Best of Balihu Records Part 2 (Balihu Records)
  9. Time Zones by Stay Cool on Bay Area Disco Compilation 001 (Bay Area Disco)
  10. P.G.B. (C.O.M.B.I Edit) by Peter Green on Tangled / P.G.B. (C.O.M.B.I)
  11. Get Away by Taylor Aye on Bay Area Disco Compilation 001 (Bay Area Disco) Local
  12. Da Lord by DJ Ralf presents Orchestra Spettacolo Cesira Sordini on Ciao Italia (Rebirth)
  13. The Juice (feat. Andrew Ashong) by The Colours That Rise on Grey Doubt (Rhythm Section)
  14. Aroon by Mark Barrott on Nature Sounds of the Balearics (Running Back)
  15. Breakdown by Patrick Cowley on Mechanical Fantasy Box (Dark Entries)
  16. Mother Earth by The Space Cats on Something New (Cultures of Soul Records)
  17. Ring My Bell by Anita Ward (TK Disco)
  18. Cher Chez La Femme by Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band on Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band (RCA Records)
  19. Peg by Steely Dan (ABC Records)
  20. Don't Turn It Off by Hot Chocolate (Infinity Records)
  21. Tee's Happy by Northend (Emergency Records)
  22. Fourteen Days by Lex (Flip Records)