b.a.a.a.m. radio (ep. 12)

this evening we will be riding some modern psychedelic/indie/pop trippy-sunset-dreamvibe radiowaves.


  1. Sundown Syndrome by Tame Impala on Sundown Sydrome/ Remember Me (Modular Recordings)
  2. Ocsf by Mint on Vintage Bad Stuff (Self-released) Local
  3. Come Home by The Undercover Dream Lovers on Single (Self-released)
  4. Sunflower Seeds by The Orielles on Silver Dollar Moments (Heavenly Recordings)
  5. m o t i o n s by Hot Flash Heat Wave on Single (Self-released) New Local
  6. Happiness In Liquid Form by Alfie Templeman on happiness in liquid form (Chess Club)
  7. Birds Dont Sing by TV Girl on French Exit (Self-released)
  8. Ladypants by Pinstripe Sunny on Bossa Loser (676213 Records DK)
  9. Pop Therapy by Video Age on Pop Therapy (Posh Rocket)
  10. Wake Up by Kowloon on Come Over (Roy Records LLC) New
  11. The Hollow Sound of the Morning Chimes by TOPS on Single (Arutus Records)
  12. Trophy by Crumb on Ice Melt (Crumb Records) New
  13. Weird Dreams by Mae Powell on Single (Park The Van) New Local
  14. Dream Boi (pt. 2) by tara-bridget on flowers during may (Self-released)
  15. Slow pour mon chien by Miel De Montagne on Single (Pain Surprises & Delicieuse Records)
  16. Quiero by Divino Nino on Foam (Winspear)
  17. Dancing by Mellow Fellow on Single (Self-released)
  18. Waltzing Back by No Vacation on Single (Self-released) New Local
  19. Preoccupied by Slow Pulp on Ep2 (Self-released)
  20. Clear by Matty on Dejavu (Matty Unlimited)
  21. SWEET/ I THOUGHT YOU WANTED TO DANCE by Tyler, The Creator, Brent Faiyaz, Fana Hues on CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST (Columbia Records) New
  22. Who Says by Schwey on Schwey 2: Cyber Soul (604 Records) New
  23. Harvey by Her’s on Invitation to Her’s (heist or hit)
  24. When You Die by MGMT on Little Dark Age (Columbia Records)
  25. Tides by Men I Trust on Single (Independent) New
  26. Road Head by Japanese Breakfast on Soft Sounds From Another Planet (Dead Oceans)
  27. Sappho by Frankie Cosmos on Next Thing (Bayonet)
  28. saw you in a dream by the japanese house on saw you in a dream (Dirty Hit Records)
  29. Funky I Like It by Babe Rainbow on Today (Eureka Music)