Support Afghans with Baqvas

With the recent news of the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan, I know many of our hearts are heavy. Today's set is all about celebrating the incredibly rich culture of music made by Afghans and by the diaspora. It's a multi-genre set featuring classical and traditional Afghan music, Afghan pop, rock and hiphop, and even indie rock and pop by Afghan American artists. And yes, there will be some stunning rubab breakdowns and just use of rubab throughout many of the tracks.


Today's show is also about providing support and solidarity with the Afghan people with actions one can take, such as:

Music Video: AK13's Kabul Az Maast

Music Video: AK13 feat. Saher's I Am

Documentary: Breaking the Silence - Music in Afghanistan

Recording: Ustadh Rahim Bakhsh

Recording: Ahmed Zahir


  1. Kabul Az Maast by AK13 (Self Released)
  2. I AM by AK13 ft Saher Melody (Self Released)
  3. Ba Ayadat Bia ke Bimaram by Ustad Rahim Bakhsh on Radio Kabul (Self Released)
  4. Watan Jan by Afghan Women's Orchestra (Zohra) (Self Released)
  5. Documentary Clip by Breaking The Silence - Music in Afganistan on Breaking The Silence - Music in Afganistan (Songlines Films/MWTV)
  6. Ay Qaowm-e ba Hajj Rafta by AHMAD ZAHIR (Self Released)
  7. QAHRAMAAN by Aryana Sayeed (Sherzaad Entertainment)
  8. This Feeling by Ruby Mountain on Waves (Self Released) Local
  9. Asking For You by spacemoth on Asking For You (Self Released) Local
  10. Butcher Of The City by Kabul Dreams (Self Released) New Local