Episode 4


  1. Geometrik by Esta and Mr. Carmack (Soulection)
  2. Penthouse View by Guggenz (Self-release)
  3. Prolly prod. DJ YUNG VAMP by foggieraw (Self-release)
  4. RPM RIDDIM by Madboi (Self-release)
  5. Freefall (feat. Durand Bernarr) by KAYTRANADA on BUBBA (RCA)
  6. Work by Cupidon (Self-release)
  7. Sky High by Guggenz (Self-release)
  8. Only One (Joe Kay's Slowed Sade Edit) by Soul (Soulection)
  9. Big Shot (Ai Amor Flip) by Lot D (Self-release)
  10. i luv all of by monte booker (Self-release)
  11. Neon Bounce by oje (Self-release)
  12. Break
  13. Technique (Rakim Flip) by Uki (Self-release)
  14. Break
  15. drake - controlla (camoufly's take) by Camoufly (Self-release)
  16. step..motion by HAJE (Self-release)
  17. catch u slippin by oxy_gin (Self-release)
  18. Kash Cat by L.Dre (Self-release)
  19. blkswn by Smino on blkjptr (Self-release)
  20. latitude by SOREI (Self-release)
  21. drip 2 hard by West1ne (Self-release)
  22. 10% (feat. Kali Uchis) by KAYTRANADA on BUBBA (Kaytranada)
  23. Scared To Death by Kaytranada (Self-release)
  24. mercy rugs by austin marc (Self-release)
  25. DequexatronX000 (prod. SinGrinch + Bobby Raps) by Bobby Raps (Self-release)
  26. Zonin by Dave B. (Self-release)
  27. stretch you out by esentrik (Self-release)
  28. Sumn Real by IAMNOBODI (Self-release)
  29. Livin by Kaelin Ellis (Self-release)
  30. Major Lazer 'Pon Di Floor Joana' (Vandalized Edit) by Jarreau Vandal on Vandalized Edits (Self-release)
  31. SZA 'Broken Clocks' (Vandalized Edit) by Jarreau Vandal on Vandalized Edits (Self-release)
  32. Slide by Esta (Self-release)