Episode 5


  1. Japan Bounce by That Boi Retrol (Self-Release)
  2. 140 (2015) by 03 GREEDO aka GreedyGiddy (Self-Release)
  3. Be Happy by Afrikano (Self-Release)
  4. Can't Relate by Austin Marc (Self-Release)
  5. Monte Discord Stream Beat by Cozy Kev (Self-Release)
  6. koo-aid loop by dkthepunisher (Self-Release)
  7. freedom by eugene (Self-Release)
  8. Desparate by Downtime (Self-Release)
  9. Reach by Downtime (Self-Release)
  10. Hands by Father (Awful Records)
  11. Practice What You Preach by Mr. Carmack (Forward Thinkers Group)
  12. Playground by HXNS (Self-Release) New
  13. Kelly Price (Freestyle) [Prod. Kenny Beats & Franchise] by KEY! (Self-Release)
  14. Move by KEY! (Self-Release)
  15. Out The Way by KEY! (Self-Release)
  16. See No Evil ft. Skepta by KEY! (Self-Release)
  17. Things You Do by MXXWLL (Self-Release)
  18. World in My Hands (feat. Smino & Legit) by Saba on World in My Hands (Saba)
  19. Felt cute, might delete later by Monty G (Self-Release)
  20. February 14 by Pandi (Self-Release)
  21. Didn't cha know + Bacc at it again by Prodacia (Self-Release)
  22. 198one Wishes by 1981 Tokyo (Self-Release)
  23. Ciabatta by Smino (Self-Release)