The Infinite Kaleidoscope 9/1 Show 33 with guest, Lily Sloane “New Space - transitions, endings, openings”

Today we talk to guest, audio producer, storyteller, composer, musician, psychotherapist, Lily Sloane.

Anytime you want, you can listen to all of Lily's song selections on Spotify, here.

Lily Makes Sound

Lily's bandcamp page

Lily's video collaboration with dancer Natalie Dunnege for every song on her EP, "We Find Our Demons"

Lily's therapy page

A Therapist Walks Into a Bar Podcast

Why Do Artists Struggle? Under the Radar Podcast with Lily

Great Bold Italic article, "Here's Your Permission Slip to Have 'Me-Time' and Relax the Fuck Out."


Beautiful Chorus, "Be Here Now"

Lightning Dust, "Busted Minds"

Hundred Waters, "Prison Guard"

LUMP, Laura Marling & Mike Lindsay, "Animal"

Holly Herndon "SWIM"

Dan Deacon, "Fell into the Ocean"

Sevdaliza, "All Rivers at Once"

James Yorkston & Second Hand Orchestra, "Choices, Like Wide Rivers"

Bells Atlas, "Belly"

Gia Margaret, "body"

Lip Talk, "All This Light"

WOOM, "Walk"

Anna Meredity, "Moonmoons"

Adem, "Launch yourself"

Polly Scattergood, "Sphere"

Wye Oak, "Sky Witness"

Tierra Whack, "Peppers and Onions"

Moses Sumney, "Virile"

SASAMI, "Turned out I was Everyone"

Somni "Unravel"

Kelsey Lu & Yves Tumor, "let all the poisons that lurk in the mud seep out (feat. Kelly Moran & Moses Boyd)"

Tizrah, "Send Me"

Lyra Pramuk, "Tendril"

Low, "More"

Music under our voices: Suzanne Ciani, "Flowers of Evil"


  1. Be Here Now by Beautiful Chorus on Mantras in Love (℗ 2021 A Love In The World) New
  2. Busted Minds by Lightning Dust (℗ 2020 Western Vinyl)
  3. Prison Guard by Hundred Waters on Communicating (℗ 2017 OWSLA)
  4. Animal by LUMP, Laura Marling & Mike Lindsay on Animal (℗ 2021 Chrysalis Records Limited in partnership with Partisan Records)
  5. SWIM by Holly Herndon on PROTO (℗ 2019 4AD Ltd)
  6. Fell into the Ocean by Dan Deacon on Mystic Familiar (℗ 2019 Domino Recording Co Ltd)
  7. All Rivers at Once by Sevdaliza on Shabrang (℗ 2020 Twisted Elegance)
  8. Choices, Like Wide Rivers by James Yorkston & Second Hand Orchestra on The Wide, Wide River (℗ 2021 Domino Recording Co Ltd)
  9. Belly by Bells Atlas on the mystic (℗ 2019 Tender Loving Empire) Local
  10. body by Gia Margaret on Mia Gargaret (℗ 2020 Orindal Records)
  11. All This Light by Lip Talk on D A Y S (℗ 2019 Northern Spy Records)
  12. Walk by WOOM on Into the Rest - EP (℗ 2021 House Anxiety)
  13. Moonmoons by Anna Meredith on Fibs (℗ 2019 Anna Meredith)
  14. Launch yourself by Adem on Love and Other Planets (℗ 2006 Domino Recording Co. LTD)
  15. Sphere by Polly Scattergood on In This Moment (℗ 2020 Future Paradise)
  16. Sky Witness by Wye Oak on No Horizon - EP (℗ 2020 Merge Records)
  17. Peppers and Onions by Tierra Whack (℗ 2020 Interscope Records)
  18. Virile by Moses Sumney on græ (℗ 2020 Jagjaguwar)
  19. Turned out I Was Everyone by SASAMI on SASAMI (℗ 2019 Domino Recording Co Ltd)
  20. let all the poisons that lurk in the mud seep out (feat. Kelly Moran & Moses Boyd) by Kelsey Lu & Yves Tumor (℗ 2020 Hydroharmonia / No Tricks®)
  21. Tendril by Lyra Pramuk on Fountain (℗ 2020 Bedroom Community)
  22. More by Low on Hey What (℗ 2021 Sub Pop Records)
  23. Come Out, Come Out by Lily Sloane on We Find Out Demons (self released) Local
  24. Send Me by Tirzah (℗ 2021 Domino Recording Co Ltd) New
  25. Narrow Band by Lily Sloane on We Find Our Demons (self released)
  26. Flowers of Evil by Suzanne Ciani on Flowers of Evil - EP (℗ 2019 Finders Keepers Records)