1. February 14th (the worst day of my life) by Pumpkin on Will You Love Me Forever? (Take Care Tapes)
  2. Feel What I Feel by Briana Marela on Call It Love (Jagjaguwar)
  3. Tommy by Sour Widows (self-released)
  4. Unstable by Blues Lawyer on Guess Work (Vacant Stare Records and Emotional Response)
  5. all i want is you by barry louis polisar on juno soundtrack (Rhino Entertainment)
  6. Be Careful What You Wish For, Cause It Might Come True by Gabby La La on I Know You Know I Know
  7. Desire to Learn by wizard apprentice on dig a pit (Ratskin Records)
  8. Between the Lines by zachary vito (Self-Released)
  9. munecas de reloj by Cristal Olivas on envoy (take care tapes)
  10. My Baby Shouldn't Love Me (Sweet Dreams) by Enbi on so happy to be here (self-released)
  11. Visions by The Umbrellas on Maritime E.P. (Discontinuous Innovations Inc)
  12. Super Crush by Tiger Trap on Tiger Trap (K Records)
  13. Cryy by Hose Rips on Hose Rips (self-released)
  14. Empty Space by The Y Axes on Empty Space (Prize Fighter Records)
  15. Party Clown by Jenny Lewis on On The Line (Warner)
  16. Sad Sandra by Baseball Gregg on Vacation (La Barberia)
  17. I Don't Care by Azuah (self-released)
  18. Fatigue by Soar on Dark / Gold (father/daughter records)
  19. Old Wounds by Try the Pie on Domestication (Salinas)
  20. Blue Like Nevermind by Kimya Dawson on Hidden Vagenda (K)
  21. Always by April Magazine on Hot Sick Vile & Fun (Rocks In Your Head)
  22. Fun by Sourpatch on Crushin' (HHBTM)
  23. Breakbeat Tubby by IDHAZ on WOW VOl. 1 (Inner Ocean Records)
  24. fairytale in the supermarket by the raincoats on the raincoats (rough trade)
  25. Japanese Candy by Little Teeth on Child Bearing Man (Absolutely Kosher)
  26. Pillow Queen by CUB on Box of Hair (Mint Records)
  27. No Kings by The Total Bettys on Connect with the Couch
  28. Talulah Gosh by Talulah Gosh on Backwash (K Records)
  29. WAIT by Same Girls (text me)
  30. Godsend by Beat Happening on You Turn Me On (K Records)
  31. talk like that by king willow (self-released)
  32. Merry Happy by Kate Nash on Made Of Bricks (Geffen)
  33. Sad Is Fine by Dot Vom on Love Weights (Wave Dweller)
  34. hate ya 2 by boy scouts on hate ya 2 (anti)
  35. love to know by Marine Girls on Lazy Ways/Beach Party (Cherry Red Records)
  36. Boy Bruise by Rose Droll on Your Dog (Father/Daughter Records)
  37. Everywhere by Michelle Branch on The Spirit Room (Maverick Recording Company)
  38. Save Me (Feat. Nenci) by JEZTLS
  39. summer in the city by Regina Spektor on Begin To Hope (Sire Records)