Brighter Days 029: Mercenary Mode

Many mercenary gigs lately, but I'm off-duty tonight.


  1. Out of Body by Patrick Cowley on Mechanical Fantasy Box (Dark Entries)
  2. The Italian by Dawn Again on The Johan Cruyff Release (Rothmans)
  3. Dream Mentor by Khotin on Dream Mentor (Public Release)
  4. Rre in Rio by K.K & M.A on Welcome to the Pleasure (Cold Tonic)
  5. La La Land by The Utopia Project on Intuition EP (Nu Groove)
  6. New For You (Live) by Andres on Praise (Mahogani Music)
  7. What You Know by Wajeed on From Hell With Love 2 (Lumberjacks in Hell)
  8. Zero Feel by Kornél Kovács on Zero Feel (Studio Barnhus)
  9. Channel by Kempston Hardwick on Mowbray Street EP (Lobster Theramin)
  10. The Sun Can't Compare by Mr. White (Alleviated Records and Music)
  11. Leash Called Love (12" Mix) by The Sugarcubes (Elektra Records)
  12. Good Life (Steve "Silk" Hurley Mix) by Inner City (Virgin Records)
  13. You Make Me Feel So Good by Cloud One (Hattrick)
  14. Ain't Nothin' Goin' on But the Rent by Gwen Guthrie on Good To Go Lover (Polydor (1986))
  15. How Will I Know by Whitney Houston (Ultimix)
  16. Feels Good (megamix) by Tony Toni Tone (Classic Collection)
  17. Another Star (Stevie Wonder edit) by Bosq of Whiskey Barons on Stevie (Flavorheard)