1. Featured Deja by Bluecommand on WVWVI (WVWV) New
  2. Featured Lago de los Ciervos by Ultima Esuna on WVWVI (WVWV) New
  3. Featured Doing It Wrong by Mxgro on WVWVI (WVWV) New
  4. Featured Fluid by Leff on WVWVI (WVWV) New
  5. Featured Sabot by Spacetrilla on WVWVI (WVWV) New
  6. Featured Sabot by Spacetrilla on WVWVI (WVWV) New
  7. Featured No More Time by K. Locke on Juke World Order VOL 1. (Juke Underground)
  8. Urami by サイケアウツG / Cycheouts Ghost on STI021 (Suburban Trash)
  9. Featured 必殺 Strong Musume by サイケアウツ / Cycheouts on Cutie Archives 1997-2001 (Stereo Records)
  10. Hackney Parrot (Disaffected Bootleg) by Tessela (self released)
  11. Situación Crítica by syntrovert on WVWVI (WVWV)
  12. Featured I'd Rather Be Dancing by Javian on WVWVI (WVWV) New
  13. Featured Resignación by Sotolo on WVWVI (WVWV) New
  14. Featured Cloudscape by Koscoy on WVWVI (WVWV) New
  15. we belong together by Bored Lord on Lots of Edits (self released) Local
  16. Calm my nervs by Regal86 on Hydraulic Booty vol. 2 (ADED Files)
  17. Featured Arquémona by Eric Uh on WVWVI (WVWV) New
  18. Featured EICHHORNIA by KOI on WVWVI (WVWV) New
  19. Featured Mercury (141Hz) by Hyper John on WVWVI (WVWV) New
  20. Featured Beso (Un) by Mensik on WVWVI (WVWV) New
  21. Featured Metro North by Kida Kira on WVWVI (WVWV) New
  22. For Nicole 8 by FAIRWAY on JBDUBZ Vol. 8 (Juke Bounce Werk)
  23. If the Shoe Fits by DJ Swisha on Clout Psychosis (self released)
  24. Majid Jordan A Place like this Edit by CalvoMusic on ReDrops (NewClubWaves)
  25. ubeenbad by 7777777 on 320 RIP Vol. 5 (320 RIP)
  26. H.U.R.L by Finn & India Jordan on LOC054 (Local Action)
  27. Eyes on Me (Loraine James remix) by Morwell on Eyes On Me Remixes (seld released)
  28. Featured Narcolepsia by Ranma Entero on WVWVI (WVWV) New
  29. Lake of Acid by Chevron on SHUBZINVA003 (Shubzin)
  30. Featured Agasajo by DJ Fucci on WVWVI (WVWV) New
  31. Featured Atola by Amor Satyr on Baile do Satyr #2 (Wajang) New
  32. Featured WORK MOVE SHAKE ft. DJ Slugo by Big Dope P on MEHLISH (Moveltraxx) New
  33. Respect The Fact by DJ Deeon on Destiny (Teklife)
  35. Spending Money by DJ Paypal (self released)
  36. Wait Till I Show U (feat. Mode.D) by Moodrich on Ravestation 1 (self released)
  37. God Is A Woman by Double O feat. Sheba Q on Blunted Breaks Vol.2 (LORELP03) (Western Lore)
  38. You and Me (Joel Deep's Illegal Mix) by Disclosure on TRAXFREE008 (Trax Haven)
  39. galactic bounce by Ottonian on DMC009 - V.A. (Dionysian Mysteries)
  40. Legend of The African Samurai II by AceMoMa on A Future (haus of ALTR)
  41. Toca Aquela by Amor Satyr on Baile do Satyr #2 (Wajang)
  42. Club 2 Streets by Dj Hairloss on SHUBZINVA003 (Shubzin)
  43. DIGITAL PIMP by DJ Deeon on Juke Edits (self released)
  44. King Rashad by 10010 on Tributo a DJ Rashad (Juke MX)
  45. Homicide by DJ Diamond on Make Footwork Great Again “The Prelude” (self released)
  46. Try 2 B by DJ Rashad (Moveltraxx)
  47. Weavie Stonder by Dj Spinn, Dj Rashad on Issa Teklife Party (Teklife)
  48. Computed Damage by EQ Why on Juke Pack Vol. 5 (self released)
  49. Back Teeth by Static on WVWVI (WVWV)
  50. Float by DJ Chap on Teklife VIP (Teklife)
  51. JUST C,MON by Traxman on Fusion (self released)
  52. Featured Structures by BLCK SFTWR on WVWVI (WVWV) New
  53. Featured Who Do U Think by Velaluna on WVWVI (WVWV) New Local
  54. Running Fast by Eric Uh on No Label Trax (self released)
  55. Break Yo Back (Jukin' Jurk Mix) by P.J. Swerve on JBDUBZ Vol. 7 (Juke Bounce Werk)
  56. Earth - by MONDAINE ( on EARTH (- FusionDigitalInfiniti))