1. Deepness by Stacy Kidd on Deepness (Deeplomatic)
  2. Stargate by Glenn Underground on Black Resurrection (Dance mania)
  3. to be in love(maw club edit) by master at work on House Masters (dance mania)
  4. I Never Knew by Andy Soul feat. Matthew Yates (Kula)
  5. Featured bus stop by jammin gerald on dance mania 220 (dance mania)
  6. jack my body by stacy kidd (self released)
  7. Let's Go Dancing by Matthew Yates Ice Mike L. Stacy Kidd (self released)
  8. Featured Like This by Jammin Gerald on factory Trax (Dance Mania)
  9. Featured Come On Everybody by Gant-Man on Trax 2 Bob Ya Head (Dance mania)
  10. Featured vertigo by dj deeon on Playground production Z (Dance mania-076)
  11. Featured flash (paul johnson remixx) by green velvet (relief)
  12. Featured Jazz me by Jammin The House Gerald on Factory Style II (DM 107) (Dance Mania)
  13. Featured burnout by robert armani (ACV)
  14. Featured Fuck Ya by DJ Funk on STREET TRAXX III (dance mania)
  15. Featured Trac-1 by Low End Theory on 3455 (dance mania)
  16. Featured Dose 1 - 7B by Playground Productionz on Vintage Computation (Dance mania)
  17. Featured southside beat down by DJ Milton on Trax-4-Daze (Dance Mania)
  18. Featured Wake Up (Original Clint X) by DJ Rated-X' waxmaster on Footwork (DM 153) (dance mania)
  19. Featured housefly by DJ Milton on Bang It Up (DM 180) (dance mania)
  20. Featured House-O-RMX by DJ Deeon on Off Spring (dance mania)
  21. Featured Sega by Traxmen & dj lil' tal on Flava In Ya Ear (Dance Mania)
  22. Featured Jungle Zoo by Gant-Man on It’s About Time (Dance mania)
  23. Featured Track Werk by Low End Theory on 3455 (Dance Mania)
  24. Featured From Da Back by Debo on 2 Infiniti & Beyond (FM104) (Freak Mode)
  25. every body dance by funk (self released)
  26. Featured Energy by jammin gerald on Factory trax (Dance Mania)
  27. Energy by Stacy Kidd on Street Bangers Factory #08 (Moveltraxx)
  28. Featured let me see you butterfly by Traxmen on Basement Traxx Vol. 2 (Dance Mania 068) (dance mania)
  29. Featured Point Em Out by DJ Deeon on (DBG Project (DM150) (Dance mania)
  30. Featured Tone generator by paul Johnson on the other side of me (relief)
  31. telagraph it by dj slugo on ghetto calssics (dance mania)
  32. Featured Carbooties by DJ Chip on Carbooties (Dance mania)
  33. Muthafucka by Spinn (unreleased)
  34. Featured space chair by jammin gerald on dance mania 220 (dance mania)
  35. slamming by Milton on Chi 2 Da I (self released)
  36. Featured Living That Teklife by DJ Deeon on Destiny (teklife)
  37. I Really Feel by DJ Spinn on Man I Do It EP (Planet Mu)
  38. Walk It Out (DJ Rashads Slip Away Remix) by Scratcha DVA on Madd Hatter, Fly Juice Compilation (self released)
  39. Featured reggie by dj rashad on double cup (hyperdub)
  40. Featured double cup by dj rashad on double cup (hyperdub)
  41. i don't give a fuck by dj rashad (self released)
  42. kush alarm by DJ SPINN, DJ MANNY, DJ TAYE on Teklife VIP 2019 (teklife)
  43. In Da Club Before Eleven O Clock by DJ Rashad (self released)
  44. feelin feat. spinn & taso by dj rashad on dpuble cup (hyperdub)
  45. Featured Pass That Shit feat. Spinn & Taso by DJ Rashad on Double Cup (Hyperdub)
  46. Featured BummbaKlott feat DJ Rashad & DJ Taye by DJ Earl on Hyperdub 10.1 (Hyperdub)
  47. Featured CCP by DJ Rashad on Teklife Vol. 1 Welcome to the Chi (Teklife)
  48. Featured Everybody (feat. Freshmoon) by DJ Rashad on IDGAF (Hyperdub)
  49. Featured last winter by dj rashad on double cup (hyperdub)