Episode 7


  1. King's Tiara by Westah (Self-Release)
  2. Nichijou by NOIZZ (Self-Release)
  3. Wild Summer by Flamingosis (Self-Release)
  4. Long Enough by Ian Jones (Self-Release)
  5. I Feel Love by Mounika (Self-Release)
  6. What you won't do for love (RIVR Edit) by RIVR (Self-Release)
  7. Shout It by Boy Jugo (BONSAI)
  8. pink lemonade by engelwood (Self-Release)
  9. sundown by engelwood (Self-Release)
  10. Piano Bar by saib. (Self-Release)
  11. The Journey by Tom Misch (Soulection)
  12. Waynetro turnmeupsom by Wayne Valentine (Self-Release)
  13. the rules to love by Boy Jugo (Self-Release)
  14. Let's Ride by Guggenz (Self-Release)
  15. more fun with my midi by lvusm (Self-Release)
  16. Back Home by The Jazzual Suspects (Om Records)
  17. barbour by slowya.roll (Self-Release)
  18. Juss Another Groove by 1981 tokyo (Self-Release)
  19. How Can I by Mounika. (Self-Release)
  20. Risk by Tom Misch (Soulection)
  21. Kinda G by Westah (Self-Release)
  22. Waves by J Dilla on Donuts (Stones Throw)