Episode 8


  1. i call this i lost all my projects blues by Oshi (Self-released)
  2. Etran by Disclosure with Etran Finatawa on Ecstasy (island)
  3. letgo by Burt Dogg (Self-released)
  4. The Store (Ft. Big Leano) by Cousin Stizz on One Night Only (RCA)
  5. Way Up by Cousin Stizz (RCA)
  6. Burnt Orange by Elkka on Euphoric Melodies (Technicolour)
  7. Lovin' is Everywhere by engelwood (Self-released)
  8. Kira's theme by enuar (Self-released)
  9. crazy by HXNS (Self-released)
  10. poison (max9k x Borae flip) by max9k (Self-released)
  11. 12:01 AM by LAKIM (Soulection)
  12. Roots by Jonah Conrad (Self-released)
  13. Chu. - New Dae (LAKIM's House Remix) by LAKIM (Self-released)
  14. Malik Hendricks - A Circle Forms (M. Vaughan Remix) by M Vaughan (Self-released)
  15. o pato by Monte Booker (Self-released)
  16. sampled my mom lol by Monte Booker (Self-released)
  17. miss this by Mitch Geist (Self-released)
  18. To. the Sky by No7ice (Self-released)
  19. Play by Purple Disco Machine on Soulmatic (Sweat It Out!)