"parlour games"


  1. Parlour Games by Ursula Oppens and Bruse Brubaker on Meredith Monk: Piano Songs (ECM)
  2. Attuna by Jherek Bischoff on Cistern (The Leaf Label Ltd.)
  3. Seed Spell by Stef Conner, Hanna Marti, Everlasting Voices & Susannah Austin on Stef Conner: Riddle Songs (Delphian)
  4. Oration by Mamiffer on Ae/Be (Sige)
  5. Fire at Static Valley by Godspeed You! Black Emperor on G_d’s Pee AT STATE’S END! (Constellation)
  6. The Crowneater by Alder & Ash on The Crowneater (self released)
  7. Folk Death 95 by Mogwai on Mr. Beast (Matador)
  8. The Upper by Oxbow on Thin Black Duke (Hydra Head)
  9. Orgelblut by Bohren & der Club of Gore on Dolores (PIAS / Ipecac)
  10. The Gallows by Eksi Ekso on I Am Your Bastard Wings (Magic Bullet)
  11. The Water Bride by Areni Agbabian on Bloom (ECM)
  12. George Lewis: String Quartet 1.5: Experiments in Living by Spektral Quartet on Experiments in Living (New Focus)
  13. Heather Stebbins: Riven by Loadbang on Plays Well With Others (New Focus) New
  14. Sails Knife-bright in a Seasonal Wind by counter)induction (Miranda Cuckson, Daniel Lippel, Jeffrey Irving) on Douglas Boyce: The Hunt by Night (New Focus)
  15. Before Krishna by London Chamber Orchestra, Odaline de la Martinez (conductor) on Param Vir: Wheeling Past the Stars (NMC)
  16. Butterflies by Esmerelda Conde Ruiz on Cabin Fever (Birmingham Record Company) New