Episode 50


  1. Call Me by Walter Wanderley on X (X)
  2. Kaddish by Gina X Performance on Voyeur (2005 KGBeat)
  3. Foto Viva by Mo' Horizons on Come Touch the Sun (Agogo Records)
  4. Someone to Love Tonight by Patrick Cowley on Muscle Up (Dark Entries Records)
  5. Da Feelin by Nightmares on Wax on Thought So... (Warp Records Limited)
  6. This Must Be the Place by Cherushii, Maria Minerva on Cherushii & Maria Minerva (100% Silk)
  7. Ginga by Robson Jorge, Lincoln Olivetti on Robson Jorge e Lincoln Olivetti (Som Live)
  8. Chega Mais (Imaginei Voce Dancando) by Banda Black Rio on Galfeira Universal (BMG Brasil)
  9. Found Your Love by Bosq, Kuyen on Celestial Strut (Ubiquity Recordings, Inc.)
  10. Love Is the Message (feat. The Three Degrees) by MFSB, The Three Degrees on Deep Grooves (Sony)
  11. Gorof (Elixir) [feat. Sahra Dawo] by dur dur band on Sweet as Broken Dates: Lost Somali Tapes from the Horn of Africa (Osinto Records)
  12. Ayonha by Hamid Al Shaeri on Habibi Funk (Habibi Funk)
  13. Toque de cuica by Airto Moreira on Touching You, Touching Me (WEA International)
  14. Chase by Giorgia Moroder on Midnight Express (The Island Def Jam Music Group)
  15. Go Bang! (Francois K Mix) by Dinosaur L on 24-24 Music (Sleeping Bag Records)